Jul 9, 2010

City Girl in Her Country Clothes

I'm a normal law abiding citizen. Did I go onto someones property to take these pictures? Yes. Did they spot me while having dinner through their kitchen window? Yes. Was it worth it? Oh yeah. I was feeling a little fresh today so I decided to go with the floral and some good 'ol jean. Sir Matt my trusty photographer made sure I added his most prized picture, the ant hill.  I'm a little ashamed to say that he was way more interested in the ant hill than yours truly. You might notice the spot of moisture by the ants. He spit on it. Classic boy right, his explanation later, " I wanted to see how they would react.". I picked a good one ladies.Enjoy!

1 comment :

  1. i totally love this skirt, i saw it at tj maxx in my town and grabbed it right away...sadly enough my mommy gut is too big..you look adorable in it.