Jul 7, 2010

DIY Scarf!

I thought this was a great idea when I saw it so I wanted you guys to  know about it too! 
You'll Need:
  • A t shirt ( I got an XL so I could have a longer scarf)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Something to hold your scarf down while you braid (totally used a table leg!)
  • Really that's it you don't have to read this list anymore
  • But really... 
1.  Cut 1 inch strips along the width of the fabric creating loops. I cut out the strips freehand...you do not need to be exact, but try to make sure that the strips are about the same size. If the edges are jagged it's ok...they will be rolled up anyways.
You will end up with something like this:
2. Once all the strips have been cut out, gently tug along the length of the strips to curl the edges under. Make sure to stretch each loop out evenly, otherwise you can end up with some longer than others.
3. If you used a t-shirt for this project, cut through one end of fabric so you have long strands of cotton instead of circular loops. Leave one strand aside, as you will be using it to secure the braid later on.You will need to find something to anchor one end of the fabric to keep the strands in place while you braid. The only thing I could think of using was one of the table legs from my coffee table! haha. It worked really well! Leave a good amount of fabric to be unbraided as this will form the free flowing strands that you see in the photo. I left approximately a foot of fabric. I will now leave you to your search of something to anchor your scarf. Good Luck!

4. Next you will need to divide your strands into three equal sections. Here I had exactly four strands in each section, BUT the number of strands does not need to be exact....just roughly the same.

 Now it's braiding time!!! Yahoo!! I believe that most of you know how to preform a simple braid, but just in case you don't....watch this video here. Braid down the length of the fabric again leaving about a foot of fabric unbraided at the bottom. Make sure you braid a small section at a time as the strands below the braid get tangled fairly quickly. Brush through them every so often to prevent this from happening.

5. Feather out the strands and cut random pieces shorter to created a layered effect.

 Yay you're done. I know there is a plethora of after shots but really there are so many ways to wear this scarf-belt.... you're new scelt...your new barf???


  1. not oo many shots at all! if it were smaler, you could even wear it as a headband!

  2. love this!! thank you for sharing this,im gonna try this :)
    thank you for stop by and comment 'about scars' on my blog. already follow and starting to find more treasure here. ;)



  3. ummm... yeah... super cute! Love it!