Jul 19, 2010


I felt like an utter gangster with my gold chains swaying all day. This belt was a total steal. I found it at a thrift store for like a dollar. At first it had these two other chain layers hanging from it that made it look like a golden fanny pack (very tempting to keep it that way) so I took the other layers off and made the necklace out of the fanny pack portion of the belt! I like how it turned out. It gave a little swagger to my walk:)

You may be wondering why I had a sudden desire to have a diva pose in the last picture. A car drove by blasting some Bieber song so I had to let my innermost diva out. It escapes from me when I least expect it...what can I say.


  1. Love this whole thing, especially the colors of the skirt and top together!
    I was soooo bummed when they canceled that Word class...I'm teaching Access now instead and it's a bazillion times harder. Hopefully I see you in a class someday!

  2. Love the fuscia and blue together. And way to go for being resourceful with the chain belt!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  3. Utah is one of the cleanest states I've ever been to. Random comment but it's so true!