Jul 14, 2010

Looking Your Best

Dressing very cute is always well...good. But besides your personal style there are a lot of things that you can do to be looking your best. I kid you not, looking back I have broken these rules on occasion to fit the current fashion but I promise you can be stylish and also dress to fit your body.

1. Wear clothes that fit. I know, you're all going duh. But this is the most common mistake. A huge style right now is wearing boy friend t's that tend to be on the baggy side (unless you have a really tiny boyfriend and in that case disregard my comments). Wearing baggy t's can make you look thinner but if overdone you can end up looking larger then you are. Also, stay away from those shirts you love but are just a little to tight. Nobody likes to see the stretch on a shirt that tells them where your belly button is.

2. This doesn't have to do with what you wear but makes a world of difference. Have good posture! Good posture can make you look so much thinner. Keep your shoulders back and don't hunch and you'll be surprised at how different you look.

3. Wear heels!!! Heels will give your legs length and make you look thinner overall. Especially nude heels. Instead of having your leg end with your shoe the nude creates the illusion that your legs just won't quit.

4. Find the assets that you love most about yourself and dress to show those assets off. If you have fabulous legs then wear a skirt that's right above the knee to show those beauties off. If you love your waist then accentuate it with a thick belt to show how tiny that thing is.

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