Jul 10, 2010

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Usually I'm an outside girl. I love to be in the sun. The way your skin feels after spending a day in the sun gives me the chills. That having been said... I think if I'm not in wilderness clothes I turn into a snob. I couldn't stop waving at the bugs and being weirded out by the little critters. A girls got to have some time that she can be girly right?  Do you guys like the skirt? I made it myself. My very first real sewing project. Seriously it was that easy because I am truly a terrible sewer. You can find the DIY tutorial here. Also, I thought you should see the pictures that didn't make the cut because I look like a creature killer and Matt looks like a professional mosquito squasher. We really are nice people...please like us.


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  3. I like the shirt a whole lot! I suck at sewing clothes too. I'm better at purses and make-up bags. I'm working on it though! But kudos to you for your successful shirt!