Jul 27, 2010

The Secret Garden

Clothing Details:
Shirt: Thrifted, Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Wet Seal
Shoes: my wedding shoes!!!

Sir Matt has convinced me to start doing this workout called P90-X with him. It should be called shoot me now-X because I can't move a muscle. You know how kids make up reasons of why they can't go to school. I'm going to start making up P90-X reasons. Reason #1 I'm pretty sure I stubbed my pinky toe, Reason #2 I have a really bad head ache, Reason #3 I HATE P90-X!!. I'll stick through the pain for now but if this soreness doesn't go away I might resort to drastic measures.

I have something really cool up my sleeves tomorrow. I'm so excited about it!!!!


  1. I love love love your top! Great look! ♥

    Same Page Notion

  2. What an adorable outfit! What does P90-X entail? Also, is the "something drastic" for tomorrow workout or outfit related? This is all very exciting.

  3. I am enamored by this outfit :) So simple but adorable! I've heard good things about P90X, but since I dish out money for a gym membership I can't accommodate 2 forms of fitness in my life :)

  4. I love the red and white stripes! Most of the stripes lately are black and white or blue and white, with pops of red. This is great with the red stripes instead and the black skirt!

    I've heard a lot about P90X, but I've been doing the Insanity workout instead. Sore, yes, but that goes away as your muscles get used to be worked and it's SO worth it! Good luck!

  5. You look adorable! You are brave to do P90X, I hear it's pretty hardcore!

  6. great look!!! no pain no result! go girl!

  7. You look great I absolutely love this outfit!

    I tried the abs part of P90X...once. Enough said. :P

  8. Please do link me, I would be completely flattered! And I really, really love those shoes. Adore them. You look fantastic!

  9. Great outfit! Good luck with the work out! My boyfriend and I just started to walk/jog for a starter. I hope we keep it up. Can't wait for the next post.


  10. haha everyone in my research lab is doing that workout!!! My lab is filled with complaining graduate students (about soreness).

    Anyway, AWESOME score on that RL skirt!


  11. Really love your top!
    hang in there, im sure itl pay off!


  12. Love your top ... you can never go wrong with stripes! And those shoes are gorgeous. Keep at it. Once you see results you will love it ... If I found someone to do it with me, I too would do it ASAP!

  13. Oh goodness...P90X is a killer workout! It does wonders, though, from what I hear. I would like to try it but I don't have the time to make that kind of commitment! I just stick to my gym!

    No worries-it took me forever to figure out the scarf thing, too! You just wrap it around loosely with the two ends hanging down in front of your shoulders, and then you kind of tuck the ends under the big loop part. I usually kind of twist them under because it feels sturdier. I hope that helped!

    I love those shoes. I'm a sucker for any kind of red high heels. And stripes. :)

    Lindsey Soup

  14. I love this outfit! The stripes are a little nautical, but the whole outfit has a bit of a sexy pin-up quality! It looks great!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  15. Love this outfit. Those shoes are amazing!


  16. I love your style! I love the back of that outfit - it's interesting :) And have fun with P90X! :)

  17. Cute shoes!!!! I love how they are your wedding shoes. I am thinking of getting green ones for mine.

  18. Great outfit, it works really well :) Eck the workout sounds tough!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  19. cool look, loving your heels!!


  20. the guy on P90X is really creepy.

    but i love your skirt :) its so hard to find good black pencil skirts. your lucky.

    and also, i very much appreciate you commenting on our blog :)

    (and id really appreciate it if you would maybe consider following us. starryfieldsflowerynights.blogspot.com)

    thanks again!

  21. Thanks for your comment sweetie! Love this outfit! And I have the opposite problem! I want to try P90X and my hubs won't be my partner - refuses!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  22. Love the top. Love the necklace. LOVE the shoes! I wish this outfit was mine.

    I don't know about this P90X thing, but good luck! Keep it up, I'm sure it'll be worth it :)

  23. My boyfriend does the P90X. It IS such an intense work out. I get tried by just watching! :)

    Love how you're rewearing your wedding shoes :)

    Just Better Together