Jul 16, 2010

Under The Sea

Okay it has been blazing hot here in the U.T. and due to this fact I've refused to wear clothes. Have no fear the pictures below are not of my new non clothes wearing joy. After running around the house in my skivies last night my husband has forced me to get dressed. The next best thing to being in my skivies is definitely a skirt. I'd honestly prefer it over shorts any day. You look cuter and there's also air circulation. Am I right or am I right.

My sister in law is coming into town with her niece and nephew this weekend! I'm so excited. Last time I saw my niece she was convinced that I was a princess. It was my wedding so in her defense....I DID LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS! Hopefully this time she'll still recognize me, even without the big white dress.I'll just wear my wedding dress so she'll know who I am, after all I've got to get my thousand dollars out of that dress some time. What can I say I know how to look classy.

After taking my pictures my trusty Matt wanted you guys to know he looked good today too. After asking him where his outfit was from he gave a, " Jeans, my mom bought them. Shirt, I bought it." I don't think he's gonna make the cut.


  1. Most men I know have the same fashion attitude! Love your blog. I'm your 5th follower!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit, esp. the top!!! hope you had fun xoxo