Aug 10, 2010


Clothing Details:
Jeggings: Charlotte Russe
Blouse: Forever 21
Necklace: DIY
Flats: Aeropostale
Bow on my shoulder: Overly huge
 I'm pretty sure this is the first time on my blog that I haven't worn something thrifted in my outfit. I'm a little shocked, happy, but sad that I broke my AMAZING streak. Can I just say one thing about these pants. They feel like I'm sitting on a couch with my stuffed unicorn Humphrey eating Oreo's dipped in Nutella but they look like regular grown up jeans. Ever since I got them I've been in love, even better....they were only fifteen dollars. I was so excited about my comfy disguise pants that I had to show you my joy. See joy below.
"I sure am ecstactic I found these jeggings!"
Happy Tuesday!


  1. lovely outfit!
    your shirt is so cute
    also i love jeggings for the same reason :)

  2. Oh the tree hugger pose! :)

  3. Wow! Any pants that allow one to climb trees is worth it in my book!

  4. Overly huge, but of so cute! I'm not sure about jeggings on me. I'll have to keep trying. I've yet to find a pair that I like. You're totally rocking them and look amazing.

  5. Sheesh girl, what must your neighbors think? LOL!

    Ooooh, I've never been a leggings/jeggings girl, but if I could find a pair of jeans that would help me climb a tree like that I'd be all over it!! :P

  6. LOVE the oversized bow! Its my favorite part! I wish I had some jeggings. I see you're sporting your DIY jersey necklace. Super awesome!


  7. Very cute outfit and you are such a sweety!

  8. I'd be ecstatic too!!! :) Love the photos and you are so funny! Thanks for visiting !!

  9. Love the "jeggings". They're super cute and WHAT a price!!! Nice find.

  10. love the top and the ribbon is cute.

  11. okay I thought I was flexible but there no way I could hang from a tree, looks so fun though!