Sep 2, 2010

Criss Cross

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Sweater: Banana Republic (Thrifted)
Pin: Grandma'd
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Aeropostale
I'm on the hunt for a new apartment. Let me tell you, it's no freakin walk in the park. We've looked at over twenty places and each time we call to accept it someone has already taken the apartment. I'm getting a little worn down and troubled (troubled look below). While I'm on a complaining rant can I just say that these pictures would have been way cooler with the other camera. This camera makes them all grainy and poopy. Not that your poopy is grainy, you know what I mean. Unless of course you choose to consume Fiber One Bars. Line crossed. Sorry.


  1. That just made me laugh out loud. Good thing my boss wasn't in the office at the time. :)

    I think you AND your pictures look great! Good luck with the apartment hunting. I know that's difficult. Hope you find a great one soon!

  2. You have such a cool, put together but casual style. Love it. Good luck in the apartment hunt -- that's the worst!

  3. I love your style!!! The color of your cardigan is stunning.
    BTW, you were my style inspiration yesterday. Check it out here:

  4. I <3 you, girl! Sorry about the apartment search. That doesn't sound too fun at all.

    But at least your distressed face is adorable!

  5. Love this outfit! It's such a pretty silhouette with the full skirt, cardi, and striped top!

    Small Time Style

  6. Okay you crack me up! I think the pictures look great. I'm in the market for a new camera too, though and always feel the same way about the pictures my little nikon takes.

  7. That skirt looks amazingly comfortable for the hot summer weather - I love it!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog - yours is wonderful and I'm following now.

  8. love ur blog!! following you!! follow me back!

    ASH! Xoxo

    My Face Hunter | BlogLovin

  9. what a cute classy outfit! I lovvvvve that skirt.

  10. You're flipping hilarious! Good luck on the apartment hunting!


  11. hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love that you compared your photo to poop..very interesting :) Yu have a very cute blog and i think I will be your new follower yeah!

  12. "Not that your poop is grainy"...

    Hahahah! That made me chuckle :)

    love you blog!

  13. Cute outfit! Love the skirt!!!

  14. I think you look fabulous in stripes!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog....I just added you to my follow list:)

    Heres the Windsor store..they really have alot of awesome things...the best part, they set up the store according to color, ...all red blouses HERE, blue, green, yellow HERE, works for me!! hahaha

  15. Love your cardigan!! I've been looking for something like that for awhile now. Might have to make a trip to BR this weekend ;-)

  16. aw you look fresh. nice. :)

  17. You look so prettty! xx

  18. Fabulous outfit!!!

    I am a new follower


  19. I have to say your navy skirt is perfect. I have been looking for a skirt just like this but to no avail.

    It would be nice to keep in touch in know. What do you think?

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    p.s: I am hosting my very first giveaway, please do have a look and feel free to spread the message. :)

  20. Thanks for stoppinguing!
    I like so much the photo of your layout
    Good luck on the apartment hunting!