Sep 15, 2010

A Message of Joy

Outfit Details:
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Sweater: Thrifted
Trouser Jeans: Banana Republic
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21

I was walking on my merry way when I saw the chalk drawing as pictured below (look below for picture below)

Right away I thought of the tormented brilliant artist that drew this. I immediately sympathized with how she fights for the right of women to use walkers instead of walking upright. Her message to the young and old will ring freedom through the depths of time...or maybe her message that you should never play the piano without a piano will be heard....or maybe never unpack a box when you have circles for hands. Your message has been heard young Da Vinci.


  1. OMG what a strange chalk drawing!! :P

    Pink looks so good on you! Wear that colour more often, it suits you well. :)

  2. What a funny picture!
    I LOOOOVE your necklace.
    You look great in pink and that shirt is great. I've been looking for the perfect floral button-down for a while now.

  3. I almost spit out my water several times over while reading this. So cute.

    I love that soft pink on you and the way you tied the belt looks really neat. Yay for florals too!

  4. LOL! I was at the arts festival here and they had childrens drawings. One had a horse and the cloud about his head said....wait for it..."I don't poop on your salad" Whaaaa!! I about died!

    I love the outfit..that necklace is killer

  5. I love everything about this outfit!
    your thoughts on this drawing made me laugh out loud!

  6. What a neat drawing. Also, that necklace you're wearing is stunning!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Hi Sarah....You look fabulous in pink...that floral pattern and cardi are really a great pair!!!

    Have a fabulous day:)
    Statements in Fashion

  8. I ñlove that necklace! i bought yesterday 2 necklaces like that one at a girl's store for my trip to machu pichu :D one is the figure of a camel and the other one is the figure of a peace bird :D


  9. You look gorgeous. :) I've been MIA in the world, lately, but I've still been reading! Just wanted to let you know! This pink is gorgeous with your skin and actually a really unexpected color from previous posts.

    Also, as usual, you're hilarious. :)

  10. Love this outfit! That pink sweater and floral shirt are so awesome! And the necklace is great too! Your art criticism was too funny! :)

  11. u look super cute in pink =) ..
    great outfit .

  12. Love the sweetness of this outfit! It is so pretty. And I love how you belted the cardigan and then added a big necklace to finish the look off :)

    Small Time Style

  13. Great outfit! The pinks and florals remind me of spring.

  14. Adorable floral top! Love your belted cardi, so sweet!

    Chic on the Cheap

  15. love the outfit, it looks amazing on you, the necklace is so pretty

  16. The floral top and cardi are quite sweet!
    And that chalk drawing is a mystery... I will now spend all day pondering it's meaning.

  17. wow loving the outfit !!
    the drawings sooo cute :D
    which cam do you use ? i love your photos!!


  18. Thank you sooo much for your help. i use picnik & well its not that great. will give a try to Gimp. thanks again :)

  19. Hilarious and what a creative post! Love it.

    xo M

  20. Love this outfit. So colorful and cheerful. Love the skinny belt!

  21. Your outfit is sooo sweet and romantic! I love the pink sweater & the heart necklace. You look so pretty & happy :) And the sweater you commented on at my blog - I got it from Forever 21 for only $12 or so! It was quite a bargain, if I do say so myself :) They have a bunch of other colors too!