Sep 29, 2010

Military Jacket DIY Tutorial

I'm so glad you guys love the jacket. I must say I rarely find jacket love but I've been wanting a military style jacket for a while and the price of about $2.00 to update a jacket I NEVER wore into something I adore has given me the opportunity to experience the rare Jacket Love. We're in our honeymoonn stage. Going everywhere together, finishing each others sentences, the works. In hopes that you too can find jacket love I bring you the military jacket tutorial.

You'll Need:
A jacket
Gold Paint
3-4 yards of your choice of trim (This is depending on how close together your design is. I used 3 yards.)
1. Paint your buttons. I know mind blown right.
2. On the sleeves glue gun down your straight line, curve the fabric, glue down the curve and then rinse and repeat and then do the other sleeve (no one likes a one sleeved embellished jacket). Also feel free to tack down the embellishment with some hand sewn stitches.

3. Repeat step 2, only don't double glue your sleeves, that would be pointless. Just do the same design on the colar.
And wa la. Easy Peazy. I'd love to see pics of your military inspired jackets! Good luck everyone!


  1. Painted buttons! I never would have guessed... Love it!

  2. Thanks!! I saw your jacket yesterday and loved it..this looks super easy. I bet I can even do it.

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  3. great tutorial! i love DIY projects and this is a great one!
    The Flip Side of Oz

  4. You better believe that this is on my to do list... as of NOW. I love customizable, no sew options. SWEET! Thanks for the great DIY.

  5. Oh wow! That's so creative of you! :D I must try this out with one of my old jackets... Love from France <3

  6. Super cute! DIY projects are the best, love this one!

  7. Awesome tip! Keep them coming!

    Have a beautiful day!

  8. B E A U T I F U L !
    Great and simple tutorial!
    LOVE DIY projects and this is a great do create with my girls.

    THANK YOU for sharing LOVE your blog!!


  9. Great tutorial! The jacket looks amazing and like it was from a store, not DIY. Thanks for this girl!


  10. nice! I also would never have thought to paint the buttons! Great job!

  11. I find this tutorial simply awesome! I didn't know that you painted buttons but thought they were really pretty before I started to read. How cute is the 'honeymoon stage' analogy?:)

  12. girl...this is SO GREAT. i've been wanting a military jacket for ages but they always seem to be so expensive. amazing job!!

  13. This is awesome I love it!! I've just customised my leather jacket and turned it into an aviator jacket, I can't wait to wear it!

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    Have a great weekend! xxx

  14. wow so creative. and I adore the outfit.

  15. I followed your tutorial! It was awesome! Here is my version:

    Thank you for posting this, it was an awesome idea!

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