Sep 1, 2010

My Boss Is Cooler Than Yours

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Papaya
Skirt: Thrifted by my awesome boss
Shoes: Hand me down (Charlotte Russe)
Necklace: Gifted
Belt: Forever21
My boss is awesome. Period. We have girl talk. Talk about woes and triumphs. She even lets me eat candy from her candy bowl. But this trumps all, the other day I came into work and she had an awesome old school blue dress that she thrifted for me. I know, my boss is better than yours. I took my new found treasure home and decided to make it a skirt. What do you guys think?!


  1. Your boss is DEFINITELY better than mine! Maybe when I'm my own boss I can say mine it better than yours :P But yours will probably STILL be better ;)

  2. Ummm, that is pretty much the best boss ever. LOVE the skirt! Perfect pairing with the white shirt and belt! That color is one of my fav blue colors!

    Small Time Style

  3. she is definitely cooler than mine... the dress-turned-into-a-skirt looks fab! :)

  4. Yeah, that's pretty awesome! How'd you make it into a skirt? Did you cut it up or just fold it or what? Whatever you did to it, it's fantastic!

  5. gorgeous dress :]

    yes, your boss definately deserves cool points for that kind gesture.

    stay pretty!

    <3 dennica pearl

  6. Isn't it great to have a cool boss?! I love mine. We talk about everything. We're so lucky! I know it makes my job a LOT easier!

  7. I, too, have an awesome boss! :) But yes, that color is incredible and I love it as a skirt! Can't wait to see more styling in the coming cooler months!

    <3 KP

  8. Very cool of your boss. Love that blue!

  9. really nice outfits. i like the contrasts and the harmony of it!! :)


  10. Love it! The blue is beautiful!

    I'm glad you comment on my blog! I will be following you now!

  11. I can GUARANTEE you that your boss is cooler than mine. Without a doubt. I could say more but out of professionalism I won't.

    You are BLESSED and I'm so glad you know that and aren't taking her for granted. :)

    I adore that outfit, by the way!

  12. My boss barely talks to me and we don't know a single thing about each other. :( You win.

  13. Oh, wow, that's pretty much my dream boss. Lucky you! :)

    I absolutely love the shade of blue, and it looks spectacular as a skirt! Fantastic job!

  14. love ur blog!! following you!! follow me back!

    ASH! Xoxo

    My Face Hunter | BlogLovin

  15. Hey thank you for stopping by my blog!! I love yours, it is super cute and I am a sucker for outfit posts!!
    This dress rocks and the best part is that it is thrifted. Fab


  16. It indeed does sound like you have a way cooler boss than mine.

    Just Better Together

  17. you have inspired me to chop up a skirt i have that is this color. i just don't wear it because of the length. too long. it's usually the other way around for me. i think i am going to bust out my machine tonight. but actually probably tomorrow.