Oct 7, 2010

Cautious Carl

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Thrifted
Blouse: Thrifted
Jeggings: Charlotte Russe
Wedges: Charlotte Russe
Belt: TJ Maxx
Bracelets: Africa
In the loosest sense of the word I'm a cautious shopper. I was at the thrift store by myself and saw this blue blouse for like $2 and I sat there for about twenty minutes contemplating whether it was too "granny" or not and whether I should formerly change my name to Cautious Carl. I then left  the poor lonely blouse on the rack and galumfed defeated and empty handed out of the store.Of course, I had it on my mind for the rest of the night and then decided that if I was this fussy over a $2 dollar blouse then I should go back for it. Thus, the rest of my night was spent with my good friend back at the thrift store in which she told me that it indeed was granny, but that I could pull it off. Oh how I love me some honest April (April of course not referencing the month but my thrifting friend). Anyways moral of the story;
1. Always bring a friend to go thrift store shopping 
2. Never be afraid to go "Granny Style" and 
3. If anyone ever asks you to eat a spoonful of wasabi that looks like harmless quacamole DON'T DO IT. (Just thought you should know since I was once the victim of a wasabi sinus cleanse)


  1. A. I love the granny bow-neck blouse.
    B. I think it's more "Emma Pillsbury" than Granny.
    C. You look so amazing because the bright blue and white against the blacks skinnies really highlight your face.
    D. I am in love with your style.


  2. I love your top - and pairing it with those pants was a great idea.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Cute stuff! Definitely not Granny!

  4. i love that blouse. $2!!! lucky duck!!
    my husband doesnt understand the whole granny look...hahaha..but i love it.

  5. That blouse is definitely not Granny. It looks great! And the color is beautiful with your complexion.

  6. Oh my gosh, you poor thing - I have been the victim of a wasabi sinus cleanse as well. Not fun!

    But I love the blouse!! I'm so glad you went back and spent the $2 on it - well worth it! It's very cute and vintage, especially with the tie-neck!

    Small Time Style

  7. What a nice blouse! I love this simple outfit!

  8. So lovely! It's amazing how different something looks on a body rather than on a hanger!

  9. I find myself doing the exact same thing, sometimes a second opinion is the only thing to cure a cautious shopper

  10. You are so pretty. I love your hair! And the whole outfit looks so great.

  11. Oh, but this blouse is truly cute, and not at all granny - the color is far too strong for that!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  12. Seriously, that blouse looks FABULOUS on you!! The color is perfect!

  13. beautiful color on you. and you've got great eyebrows. i wish they could be mine. =)

  14. That blouse is beautiful! It was the first thing I noticed. I bet you're glad you bought it now! (;

  15. I love granny clothes! You look great in this!

  16. your blue blouse is not granny it's so cool! cardigan brings a lot of magic! thanks Sarah for visiting my blog and thanks also for the comment! it was appreciated so much! good day baby!

  17. Thanks for your comment! I really like your blouse. It looks so pretty with your whole outfit!

  18. That blouse is gorgeous - Love the color and the bow embellishment! Definitely not grannyish ;)


  19. Not granny, all good. And for $2? Love this blouse!!!!

  20. Sorry if this comment shows up twice - my internet's being weird. I love the pattern of the shirt - so pretty! And thanks for the comment. :)


    PS, following you!

  21. This isn't granny at all! I think it's really chic and sophisticated :) I love your smile, it's quite infectious <3! xo

  22. agree with Laurelann!

    nice blouse, pics n loving ur style!


  23. You have such great eyebrow structure!

  24. you definitely pull off the "granny" look well! I think the skinny belt really pulls it all together. Sorry about the wasabi :( That stuff hurts so bad! Somehow my boyfriend eats huge gobs of it on his sushi.

  25. April is right! That blouse is just granny enough. The blue is perfect and I love how you styled it!