Oct 21, 2010

I Like To Ride My Bicycle

 Outfit Details:
Blazer: Thrifted
V neck: Target
Jeggings: Kohl's
Pin: Homemade (find it in the shop)
Clogs: Target

I love my environment, I truly do. I never keep the water running while a brush my teeth, my husbands favorite color is green, I always say hello to the fellow dear on the campus lawn (true story) and I never walk on the grass when I see a sign planted in the grass that says, "Please don't walk on me I'm trying to grow." (Seriously true story, my college has some oddities). But one thing is for sure, I do not ride my bike to school because it will save the environment, I do it because my oddity college refuses to have enough parking spots for the students it enrolls (love you BYU). Anyways, here are some random things I have learned on a bike this past month.
1.Never wear wedgeable heels on a bike (much different from wedges).I'm riding on my bike, trying to be fashionable in my awesome heels and my heel goes straight through my bike pedal and conveniently wedges itself into an impossibly difficult to retrieve place, all the while I'm flying down the hill that gives Mt. Olympus a run for its money.You do the math.
2. Never wear a skirt on a bike. My skirt was to the knee so I figure I could ride a bike in it...nope. Try getting on and off without revealing a little bit of skivies.
3. If the weather is nice, you'll feel freezing cold on a bike. Something about that wind stinging in my ears makes me want to live the rest of my life in solitude.
4. Fashion hates bikes.
5. Bikes hate fashion.
6. Fashion's ugly son that lives in the basement and never sees the light of day...is a bike
6. I refuse to wear stretchy shorts.
7. Help meeeee!!!!!


  1. hahaha! This is a funny post. My school uses signs telling us not to get on the grass too...usually for 3 or 4 months after it's laid. So funny!

    I gave up riding my bike after my freshman year...it wasn't worth the cold! Plus our campus was small enough that I could manage to walk everywhere.

  2. i love riding my bike, too! i have a beach cruiser, so it's a little easier to get on and off of in skirts. :) i wrote a post around this time last year about what to wear to ride bikes in the fall if you're interested!!


  3. haha ,, ur funny

    love ur outfit ,,

    i think last time i rode a bike i was 12 years old

    then i jumped to the roller skates ,, the one line ones ,,
    thought i was too cool being tomboy ,, then

    i grew up to be the 21 jog-aholic that i am =)

    so i cant help with anything =D haha

  4. no one can pull off spandex shorts :)

  5. Hee hee! Cold wind on my ears makes me hate the world too. I thought I was the only one! My husband secretly will aim the air-conditioning vents in the car at my ears and watch me a)get mad and b)finally figure out why I'm so mad! :)


  6. this cracked me up! i ride my bike all the time but the basic uniform is jeans and boots. yep.

  7. Hahah I always have this problem too! For dresses/skirts I have some "form-fitting" [aka like spandex] shorts that I wear underneath so I don't have to worry about flashing pedestrians. They're comfy, and not visible through my clothes.

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  9. I love that blazer! the little corsage on it looks super cute with it

    Miss Neira

  10. I love this post :) so funny !!! You look amazing, this combo with the jeans would look amazing on the bike ;)

  11. ahh!!! i'm posting a bike fashion writeup now...so nice to find your post about biking & fashion tips!!!

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    hi from california

  12. I LOVE the pin on your blazer...it was the first detail I noticed. So cute.

  13. That jacket is pretty great!

    A few months back I went to Vancouver and rented a bike to ride around the shore...I crashed into a poll. It's not true that you always remember how to ride a bike lol!

  14. Hello!! I really like this outfit!!
    Gonna go through your blog now:p

    thanks for the comment on my blog:}

  15. Very funny and cute. I am a horrible biker and would be too scared to attempt wearing heels but its good to know the outcome incase I ever decided to give it a try.
    Love the outfit, especially the cute little broach.

  16. Loooove the blazer, especially that it's thrifted!