Oct 6, 2010

Student Street Style

I've been so excited about this new segment of the blog. Ladies, I'm taking style to the streets once a week.So watch out because if I'm somewhere near you and I like your style I may just stop you and beg and plead until you let me take a picture of your oh so chic outfit. My first fashionista/victim/subject/poor little soul is Alex. I found her meandering out of the library and wham bam she didn't know what hit her. Okay more like I said, " Hey I have a fashion blog, want to be on my street style segment?" She kindly obliged.
 Outfit Details:
Shoes: Steve Madden
Dress: Japan

I love her look. First of all, I love her choice of shoes. You can really dress up an outfit by choosing the right shoes. She chose blue to accentuate the floral design in her dress and oh does it look awesome. I also love how she layered. Dress under cardigan under belt. What a layer pro.

Until next weeks street style, keep it real because....you may be next.


  1. I love her shoes! Her outfit is adorable and it's perfect for the inaugural Student Street Style post.


  2. The color of those shoes are amazing! Love them!!

    Small Time Style

  3. Who could say no to you? :P

    I love your pick, she looks great!

  4. It's a fab choice, she looks great. xxx

  5. I really love her shoes, bright and bold. Fun idea!

  6. Love her shoes like everybody here, and I am envious of the sunshine - it's a dreary day here!

  7. Love this idea! And her shoes! And her layering! Love it all! :)

  8. this is such a cool idea! i really love her shoes! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. Ah, I've been wanting to start a street style blog for such a long time. I just have no time to lug around a camera and take pictures! I wish I had the luxury.

    By the way, this was a great first "victim"! Love the outfit!

  10. hi there.
    i also ve the same kind theme in my blog. :)
    yea i do love her shoes its a statement!
    cant wait for ur next street style pics :)

  11. I've been toying with this idea for a while! Awesome first choice! Love her outfit. (:

  12. I agree those shoes are FAB!


    PS. I am following you, come follow me too!

  13. Such a great idea for a post! This girl looks fabulous. I love the pop of blue that her shoes bring to the outfit. Cute cute.

  14. Oops, my name is actually Amy but thanks for featuring me on your blog! Your blog is super cute! :)

  15. Oh my gosh do you go to BYU?! Haha I do too :) I just noticed the library in the background and then I realized that I recognized some of the other places from your recent posts. Anyways, just thought I'd say that I LOVE your blog..it's so fun to look at and definitely one of my favorites. You dress so super cute! :D