Nov 16, 2010

Blogger of The Month: Sydney

Have you ever met your doppleganger. Sydney from The Daybook is my complete doppleganger.You'll see in just a second.

See I told you we totally look alike right...okay so we look nothing alike but we live the exact same life right now, poor married students, who hate to cook, are doing homework instead of playing ...oh and we both happen to have fashion blogs. Having Sydney as my little moral support that poor married students can have fashion blogs too has been great, not to mention we sometimes pout over the necessity to feed our husbands...and occasionally clean up after them.

I'm warning you right now, after visiting her sight you will hit that follow button and never look back because she's totally hilarious and wears awesome clothes. Take it away Syd.

I love your fashion, has it been something that has evolved over time for you or just something that comes naturally?
Thanks girl! No, it's definitely something that's been evolved. I look back on my own blog at some of the stuff I used to wear a year ago and shudder a little bit. haha. That has been a great thing about style blogging! I can easily see how my style has and IS continuing to evolve, just cause I'm more in tune with my likes and dislikes now :)     
Do you have any inspirational characters when it comes to fashion?
Yes, yes and YES. Rachel Bilson and Carey Mulligan are huge style inspirations for me.   
What is your most regretted purchase EVER!
 haha! Oh gracious. Probably a black and pink lace bra that was much too small for me at the time. I purchased it anyways cause I just thought it was so pretty and it was the only one left! But actually, I don't regret it anymore because my boobs shrunk so now it fits!! wahoo! 
I love your story of how you met Tyson, what's some advice you give to ALL THE SINGLE LADIES about picking a good one.
Oh jeeze. There's so much I could say about that! Picking the right one is a complicated and sometimes difficult process ladies, that may take a loooong time. Don't worry about it though! Have fun dating! Probably the best advice I could give would be to pick someone who compliments you, not someone who agrees with you on everything. Cause that's just boring. The best thing I ever did was marry someone who was pretty much my opposite in every way. We balance each other, and have learned how to develop various qualities that may have been a weakness for us before. It's awesome!  
Your pictures in your photos are always so well done, do you have any tips for bloggers on how to get great pictures for their blog.
I do! In fact, I did a whole post just on that! You can read about it here:  
I've seen a few people in overalls lately...would you ever go back there again...but really?
You know, I've only seen one person pull of that trend successfully. But I really have no confidence that I could do it. So NO. I will not be revisiting my favorite trend from the 4th grade. :)  
What's your favorite trend for this fall.
Faux fur vests! And Oxford Wedges. Yes, that's two. But I just can't help myself...they're too delicious! 
I HATE cooking just as much as you do. If you have to cook what's your go to meal.
haha. OH GOOD. Glad to know I have a partner in crime :) My go to meal is always, ALWAYS spaghetti and french bread. It's easy and I know how to do it.  And it never fails to get the "honey, this is so good!" response from the hubs. He's a trooper.
At a party there's someone who can't stop talking, someone there for the food and someone who is a little too shy to talk. Which one are you?
I'm probably the shy one, believe it or not. Unless I actually know the people at the party, and then I'm right at home. I always feel really embarrassed for the person who won't stop talking though, so I always try my best to avoid THAT party roll :)   

What's the most you've ever spent on an article of clothing? The least?
mmm. Probably 75 bucks. No joke. I have NO desire to spend anything over $100 on a single piece of clothing. Unless it's shoes. And then it's completely understandable. ;) The least was probably the 50 cents I spent on that brown belt I tend to wear incessantly.
What are your favorite items in your closet right now.
oooh! Probably my tuxedo blazer with the floral lining and my army green skinnies. I tend to want to wear them every single day. And sometimes I do :)


  1. Ahh I love her blog too! Nice interview!

  2. um, yeah, definitely found a new blog crush...ohhhh, man!

  3. Yup, you're right...she's fabulous!

  4. I just recently found your cute blog! I'm in love! Also love The Daybook, both you girls are just fabulous!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. So, you've got me totally addicted to Sydney's blog, haha! :)

    I'm a college student and housewife-to-be (getting married in a little over a month), so it's good to hear that I'm not the only one who hates to cook and doesn't always keep the apartment clean. :P (I can bake cookies and cakes and muffins like nobodies business, but that's about it, haha.)

    Yay for poor married students who write fashion blogs! ;)

  6. Great Post! I went to her blog and did hit the follow button almost automatically! Love it.

  7. oh i just love her. she is fabulous :)

  8. Sydney, I don't know if you will read this but I have a brown belt just like the one in the last picture and I bought it for $1 at the Salvation Army! So weird!
    xoox Camille @

  9. just found your blog! super cute... and of course we all love Sydney. What a fun interview!

  10. Such a great feature! I love Sydney's blog...and I can't wait to try out her Photoshop tutorial!

  11. I just clicked over from The Daybook. I adore Sydney, I think she so sweet and funny, and obviously well dressed. It was nice to read some more about her!



  12. great feature, i love sydney's blog. she is darling!!

  13. I love the Daybook! Sydney is swell. I love both of you because I am a poor married student fashion blogger that hates to cook as well. :) Also, I love Kendi but I am .123798% sure that is not a poor student, just a married fashion blogger.

    Thanks for featuring awesome Sydney!

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  16. your cute!! you just made my day!!

    hope ur winters not too cold, check out my posts if you miss summer! ill make sure to stick up a few just for you!


  17. LOVE her...! I love this idea of doing a blog interview. Love your blog!

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