Nov 4, 2010

DIY Embelished Shirt

 Whenever I can't sleep my brain starts a churnin' and I can't help but think of fun DIY projects. I came up with this last night after I took WAY too long of a nap and was tossing and least something productive came out of the night of no sleep.
You'll Need:
1/4 yard of fabric
Glue gun
A t-shirt (I just used an old one I never wore)
1. Cut triangles varying in size out of your 1/4 of fabric. You'll want more small and medium pieces then long pieces and one really long piece.
 2.Then arrange your pieces going from short to medium to long to medium to short, and thread all of the pieces together in the order you selected. After threading them bunch the pieces together.
3. Arrange your threaded pieces on the neckline of your shirt and then glue the thread line along the neckline. You also may want to glue down particular pieces to the shirt.


  1. So cute! I love the fabric you chose! I'm actually in the process of working on my first DIY tutorial - it's a lot more work that I thought it would be!

  2. Great diy! Love the colorful fabric, and it looks simple enough that even I can try it...
    alltumbledown:a modest attempt at style

  3. How your DIY shirt!!!!

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  4. That's really cute. Great DIY idea!

  5. This turned out really cute! Don't be surprised if I steal this idea from you :)

  6. that is really cute and creative! I love your DIYs.

  7. Oh, I love it!!! It adds a nice pop of color to your tee and it will certainly be one of a kind.

  8. This is a really cool project! I'm no good at devising the project, just total copycatting. And that is what I'll be doing with this project- copycatting. Immediately! Thanks for the neat idea.

    TL;DR: You are awesome. Kthxbi.

  9. wow. You're kind of a genius! This look is amazing...I might have to copy you!!

  10. Looks great!! I love it. Such a smart DIY.


  11. Very cute!!

    I am so not a DIYer!!

  12. You are awesome...maybe you should have sleepless nights more often! Very creative and very cute!

  13. What an awesome (and easy) DIY! I'm not clever enough to come up with anything like this... I love the fabric you chose and hope you'll do more DIYs!

  14. OMG Sarah! You really posts great DIY tips! I am loving how colorful fabrics can add a dash of WOW to plain white shirts! :)

  15. Hey Sarah

    What a great post. You are so crafty
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  16. Oh this is a must try! It's so simple too!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Just Better Together

  17. I think you look great.I just found your blog via 30for30 remix.I can't wait to see your 30 cool items.What do you think of my selection? have a Happy remixing time!

  18. LOVING the embellished shirt! I'm totally going to try that out! It looks like a bunted flag shirt! super cute! Oh and thanks for the engagement comment. It means a lot!


  19. You are so cute! And this is so great! I think I may try it out!

  20. i usually don't go for DYI, sort of a hazard for me. but this may just sway me. i really really like it.

  21. This is such a cute tutorial (and idea!). I'll have to try when I have patience (and time!)


  22. awesome diy! i love this outfit!