Dec 9, 2010

A California Christmas

 Outfit 28: Skirt: Kohl's, Vest: Kohl's, Turtleneck: Fashionbug, Sweater: JCrew(thrifted), Boots: Target
I have a confession to make, these boots weren't in the original 30 for 30 group, but I realized today that I never used one piece so technically it's totally legit, right? right...right. Finals have officially begun, I always love the last day of class. There's either an awkward, "That's it I guess" from the professor as everyone shuffles out the door, or an even more awkward round of applause that's painfully drawn out for about three minutes. But heck, today I applauded too because I knew that in a week I'm getting off campus and onto Colorado then to the lovely California for Christmas.


  1. That skirt is beautiful! And so are you!

  2. Really love this outfit on you. Swaps are legit in 30 for 30. Great boots, by the way.

  3. Cute skirt, I'm a sucker for patterned skirts.

    I also subbed an unworn piece out on Day 25 and to hell whether it was cheating or not!

    It's been a bit strange since I finished, rather than be all excited about having a plethora of choice, it's taken me ages to get ready the last 3 days!

    Louise :-)

  4. That skirt is FABULOUS! Yellow is one of my favorite accent colors so I really like how you drew that out with the top.

    And those boots...OH those boots...I need...

  5. great outfit! i'm loving the skirt and the vest~ they work so well together! love the colors!

  6. Hahaha what you said about "that's it I guess" is totally on point! That's so funny. Last night in my Accounting class our professor pretty much sat there for 15 minutes after all of our lecturing was over and was just talking to us about life. Bless her heart, she just didn't want to let us go. HA too bad. I'm ready for finals to be OVA!

  7. Love your skirt! You don't know me, but I'm just starting my own fashion blog. Feel free to check it out over the coming days/weeks if you want. Sometimes it's funny.
    Have a good one!