Dec 30, 2010

Flower Pin DIY Tutorial

 I've been so in love with these fun oversized flower pins lately and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share my secrets with my awesome readers.
You'll Need:
Fabric Scraps (Silky types of fabric work best)
Compass (the drawing kind, the one that tells you where North is will only take you North and will not result in a pretty little fabric flower)
Glue gun

 1. Using your compass and paper draw out 8 circles on paper. I like to start with the smallest circle and then work my way out by just barely moving the compass out. Then cut out all 8 circles that you have drawn.
 2. Use your paper patterns to trace circles onto your fabric and then cut the fabric circles out.
 3. Lightly burn the edges of each circle until they curl in
 4. Take each of your fabric circles and layer them together with the largest in the back and the smallest in the front. Then hot glue them together.
 Attach a circle of felt to the back of the flower to secure it, attach your pin with hot glue and it's ready for a night out on the town!
Have fun guys! I'd love to see any of your finished products!


  1. How cool is THAT!? Amazing! Adorable and so easy.

  2. Cutie! I have a whole bag of ribbon, lace, etc. that I inherited and I have made several flowery things out of it. Free fabric=awesomeness! I made some stinkin' adorable little headbands for cousins for Christmas. My favorite idea is tea-dyed lace. Litterally boil lace in water with tea bags, wrap it around in a circle until it's as large as you want it, securing with a hot glue gun as you go and add a button or broach to the middle. Five minute fix...I'll take that. LoOvVEe yours! Will definately have to give this one a whirl next time I have a few!

  3. This is cute, I will defiantly try it.

  4. How creatively, awesome! I'm so going it!! Thx for posting ;)

  5. Thanks for the lesson! I have all the other stuff, I just need to borrow that lighter! LOL

  6. Yay I was hoping you would tell us how you made them. I am so going to make one :)

  7. Love these flowers. I've made so many in the past and it never fails, everyone loves them!!

  8. i used leftover material from my prom dress to make something just like this! they were really small, though, with just three layers of satin and a couple little pieces of tulle in between. i glued them on bobby pins and they look so cute sticking out of a bun! :) i love the idea of making big ones into pins.. i will give this a shot for sure! thanks for the idea. :)

  9. I love how deeply you're reading that picture book ;) I love the burning technique, I need to make some flower pins for myself.

  10. Oh! Dear, girl! I'm in love with these. Head over heels.

    I made one immediatley - and then wrote a blog about how much I loved you...:)

    (go see!)