Jan 31, 2011

He Does Whatever A Spider Can?

 Outfit: Sweater: Target, Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted and Revamped, Tights: Kohl's, Shoes: Thrifted, 
Belt: I have no clue how it got in my closet.
 Sir Matt's sister the lovely Erin had her birthday this weekend so we went down to Sandy to celebrate with some rock climbing and good food. Random side note, don't Matt and Erin look like twins? I always think they look exactly alike.
 So turns out I'm not buff like I thought I was. I got through three climbs and felt like my arms had detached from my body. You know that weak feeling that you get when you work muscles really hard and you just know you won't be able to move tomorrow. Yeah, I've tried to keep my arms at my sides at all times today because I kind of can't lift them.
Matt on the other hand is a little spider. Dang his long limbs. I also concluded this weekend that his fohawk gives him special skills. He spikes that thing up and all the sudden he can scale walls, who would've thought. So I wore a fohawk today and after trying to scale skyscrapers I realized he's just a good rock climber. Eh well it was worth a try.

Jan 28, 2011

Overheard Friday

 Outfit: Cardigan: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeggings: Charlotte Russe, Boots: Gift,Necklace: F21, 
Pin: Handmade

Okay all you eaves dropping weirdo's, it's official. Every Friday is overheard Friday. E-mail me all the crazy things you overhear and I''ll make sure to share the love of eavesdropping with everyone.

Here's this weeks ridiculousness:
Exhibit A: Touchy feely couple "To be honest I had a nightmare that you got possessed...and I've kind of been scared of you all day."

Exhibit B: Short boy offering snack to very very tall girl, girl declines " I wish I could eat that but it makes my eyes burn."
...he was holding a bag of cheerios. That is all.
Exhibit C: "How many of you as you went leaping through the air ripped your crotch right out"
Once again....sewing class is just too good.

Exhibit B: Squemish boy talking to secretary "How much do I have to pay to get that awesome Harry Potter Chemistry poster in the hallway?"
---The secretary politely declined, the poster mysteriously disappeared today.

And to make sure all of you have an awesome weekend....a little bit of eye candy.

Jan 27, 2011

Revival Files

 Look at this sad little desk all beat up from some snot nosed kids. Scratches, nail polish, a mysterious lollipop welded to the drawer, it had all the signs of some serious abuse. I found this lil' guy at the thrift store for thirty bucks. Thousands of sandpaper sheets later and some stain and I brought my lil' man back to the glory days. Don't thank me yet desk, you have some serious sewing years ahead of you.

Jan 26, 2011

A Bow For The Lady Please

Outfit: Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: The Loft ($7!), Belt: F21, Tights: Kohl's, Shoes: Steve Madden, 
A while back me and Katherine realized that we coveted each others homemade goods. I absolutely loved her crocheted bows and she loved my homemade flowers so we decided to exchange homemade Christmas presents. I'm so so in love with my bows, I pin them to my shirts like a bow tie, I wear them in my hair, I even pin them to my tush to make it look like a vintage bunny tail (please catch on to the fact that I'm lying about the tail). No didn't catch on? I'll take you gullible fools for all your worth then, I'm Santa. You know the tummy like a bowl full of jelly one. Yeah. Me.

Jan 25, 2011

Run and Tell That

 Outfit: Skirt: Made by me, Blouse: Thrifted, Tights: Kohl's, Shoes: My wedding shoes!, Belt: stole it? 

You want to know what goes on behind all the glamorous pictures? Do ya do ya? Me and Sir Matt being dweebs. That's right dweebs. We have this ongoing competition to see who can make the other person feel the most awkward with their facial expressions. This was the prize winner during this photo session. Beat.that.

Jan 24, 2011

If Only I Had An Accent

Outfit: Blouse: Thrifted, Vest: F21, Skirt: The Loft (3$!!), Tights: Kohl's, Shoes: Thrifted, 
Necklace: Grandma'd
Me and Sir Matt are addicted. Addicted to love. Okay same thing, we're addicted to online clips of Britain's Got Talent....and to be honest Sir Matt's trying to distract me with clips right now so I'm going to cut to the chase. 
I'm wearing clothes.
I say embarrassing things a lot.
I'll write something better when I'm not being distracted by a guy swallowing pool balls and coins.
If you do one thing for me today watch this.
Mind. Blown.
He's everything I will never be.

Jan 21, 2011

Ridiculous Friday....I Like the Sound of That

Outfit: Blouse: The Loft, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Thrifted (Steve Madden), Tights: Kohl's

Do you ever hear something that is just shear ridiculousness and you laugh out loud on accident. I'm a little too sarcastic so I do this more often than I'd like to admit. But lately it seems like I've been hearing the weirdest things.
Exhibit A: Scrawny boy and Ms. I'm so hot, Scrawns: "Hey we should Jamba later?", 2hot4you: "Oh my gosh we haven't in forever, we so need to Jamba!"

I'm not sure if this is something like Zoomba and you guys are leg warmer wearing jazzercising buddies or if Jamba-ing is eating the candy Jamba or if you both jazzercise and eat Jamba at the same time but for goodness sakes go Jamba already so I don't have to hear that word ever again in my life.

Exhibit B: Runner girl and runner girls budy, Runner girl: "Yeah, he shot him with a ping pong ball and it tore right through his coat, his leg has been bruised for weeks."

Where is this ping pong ball projectile tool, and how can I get one?

Exhibit C: Take that crotch up about one inch

If I weren't in sewing class I'd be questioning BYU's integrity right now.

Exhibit D: Couple making out in the hallway. "I'm so sad, I won't see you until lunch. Slurp slurp"

I just barfed in my mouth a little. Stop making out in front of my new testament class, I've gotta get my spiritual groove going.

Jan 19, 2011

She deserves two spotlights for being so cool.

Lauren is no ordinary girl so she couldn't have any ordinary monthly spotlight. So instead my loved ones, we're taking you through a photo journal of Lauren's awesomespice. Let's take a journey.

Lauren in a cute little nutshell: Hi! I am Lauren, and I am turning 23 soon and this frightens the heck out of me. I blame this irrational fear on my psychology professor who told us that when we turn 25, our body starts to shut down. And I also blame my mom's side of the family, who starts going gray at 25. So basically, I have only 2 years left to live. And those couple of sentences just summed up my blog...I am random.

 She gets inspired by random things...like me: Nature. I love to look at the broad spectrum of colors and beautiful textures. It really helps me come up with outfits for each day.

 Ted, but not the Bundy kind: Aw man. I was hoping we were going to talk about Ted Bundy. Women sure loved him. Almost as much as I love my Ted. Ted and I met when I was 15 and he was 16...and we fell in love. But it wasn't at first sight...he was too short for me. But I got over it. And he grew. It was basically a miracle.

 One amazazazing sense of style: Thank you, thank you! I feel like I am constantly evolving. I don't even know if I have a personal style. I know I love vintage, and I know I love a little edge...and I like to stay relatively on trend, but not right out of a season's lookbook. I feel like everyone should develop a look that is uniquely theirs. So while I am still evolving, I feel like I still have an element that sets me apart as "Lauren". And I developed that by  constantly going to the thrift store and looking for items that weren't too hideous. ha!

I love Lauren, you all will soon love Lauren. Go check out her blog here. Warning, once you start reading you just won't stop, consider your Wednesday night booked.

Jan 18, 2011

Nothing Like A Free Something

Outfit: Vest: Mommed, Blouse: Thrifted, Ralph Lauren, Belt: JcPenny, Skirt: Freepiled, Boots: Gifted

There's this college trend that's all the rage...okay I just say it's all the rage because I want to feel cool. Really there's just this small group of people that do what's called freepiling. There are tons of boxes of clothes in the basements of dorms and students go "freepiling"/shopping for things they want that others don't want anymore. I had to get in on this free stuff action so me and my girl April went freepiling and this pretty little skirt called out my name. There's nothing I love more than thrift store shopping but this comes in a close second because i get to find treasure for FREE! There's one more thing that resulted from the search, a pair of total mom jeans that are purple, don't worry in no time with a few nips and tucks you won't even suspect that they once sported the flat butt look. Stay tuned ladies...

Jan 17, 2011

Not Gaga for Gaga??

 Outfit: Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted & Revamped, Belt: TJ Maxx, Boots: Gifted (Kohl's)

This is the other skirt that came from my creative time in California. It was about seven times to big and too long but I saw some serious potential in this little puppy, not that it barked at me and told me it was special or anything but more of I couldn't get enough of the awesome print. I'm pretty happy with how my little puppy has turned into a dog...you know what I mean.
This weekend Me and Sir Matt celebrated our one year anniversary even though it was a month ago. We decided to celebrate it late because we wanted to separate it from all of the craziness of the holidays. We're both REALLY easy going when it comes to stuff like that so we just spent the day together with some good food and some good fun. I can't believe it has already been a year. It feels like yesterday that I was absolutely gaga over this boy I was dating (p.s., still gaga, but not for Lady Gaga, for Matt), talking on the phone to my sisters about how much I like this California boy, them placing bets on me marrying him, me blushing at their bets and then consequently giving in and marrying the man of my dreams! I love you Matt, this has been the best year and the first of many!

Jan 14, 2011

DIY Vintage Inspired Cardigan

There is always some article of clothing that I dream of that I can never find in stores. A Peter Pan collared sweater is on the top of my list. So I took matters into my own hands!
 You'll Need:
Thread that matches the lace
Glue gun
1. Cut each end of trim at a 45 degree angle, the left side of the trim with the point of the angle on the left, and the right side of the trim with the point of the angle on the right. Then line up your trim around the neckline and to the front where you want it.
 2. Take your hot glue gun and tack down your trim both in the front and in the back
 3. Next take your lace and cut two, two inch long pieces. Fold each piece like and accordian and then using your string wrap the string around the center of the bunch.
 4. You should now have two bows that look like this.
 5. Take your two bows and glue them on to the back of each sleeve.
 5. Prance around the house in your new peter pan collared sweater singing, "I Can Fly". Okay so this is optional but I promise it will make you feel better.
Enjoy guys! I'd love to see any finished products that you make!