Jan 28, 2011

Overheard Friday

 Outfit: Cardigan: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeggings: Charlotte Russe, Boots: Gift,Necklace: F21, 
Pin: Handmade

Okay all you eaves dropping weirdo's, it's official. Every Friday is overheard Friday. E-mail me all the crazy things you overhear and I''ll make sure to share the love of eavesdropping with everyone.

Here's this weeks ridiculousness:
Exhibit A: Touchy feely couple "To be honest I had a nightmare that you got possessed...and I've kind of been scared of you all day."

Exhibit B: Short boy offering snack to very very tall girl, girl declines " I wish I could eat that but it makes my eyes burn."
...he was holding a bag of cheerios. That is all.
Exhibit C: "How many of you as you went leaping through the air ripped your crotch right out"
Once again....sewing class is just too good.

Exhibit B: Squemish boy talking to secretary "How much do I have to pay to get that awesome Harry Potter Chemistry poster in the hallway?"
---The secretary politely declined, the poster mysteriously disappeared today.

And to make sure all of you have an awesome weekend....a little bit of eye candy.


  1. hehe...I like the cheerios one!

    You've done a tutorial for that flower, right? Where can I find it?

  2. I am loving this outfit. I NEED a mustard colored cardigan.

  3. Your pictures are too cute :) And I am obsessed with your handmade pin! So cool!

  4. Oh my -- I love everything about this outfit!

  5. I'm so glad we will have all of the crazy overheard things each, and every Friday. I love the cardigan, and big blue flower.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. Luh-ving this outfit. Mustard and stripes is always a great combo! And OH MY GOODNESS, I love overhearing hilarious conversations!

  7. This is fantastic. Thank you. Really. Thanks. xo

  8. That is hilarious! Seriously. Too good. I hope you didn't rip your crotch right out with those last two.

  9. LOLOLOL! Exhibit A is MY LIFE!! My dreams feel way too vivid to not have SOME bearing in fact. No? LOLOL I agree w/Ashley. Tutorial please!

  10. You look amazing today. Ok pretty much everyday. But I like the outfit.

  11. I feel bad for anyone who's eyes burn because of cheerios! And this outfit is awesome, I love the stripes and mustard cardi!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  12. LOVE this outfit!! The color combinations and the stripes + flower pin are a personal fav - there is nothing in this world that I love better than stripes paired with flowers!

  13. I think this is my favorite outfit so far! I love mustard yellow and the little flowers :)

  14. haha those last two photos crack me up! you are too cute.

  15. i love love love LOVE this outfit. i would totally wear every piece, just like that. love it. and your pictures are super cute, i love it when you can see personality through the pictures. :)


  16. Cute outfit!! Love the cardigan... I want a yellow/mustard one!

    Boots= http://www.nocona.com/category/ladies/fashion


    I got them over a year ago and I LOVE them. Went I went back to the store where I got them to see about a good place that I could get them resoled... they told me that they are now one of the top styles and that they can hardly keep them in stock! They're a good choice! :)

    Also I love these... they're on my want list. They came back into stock on Jan 6th, but I don't have the money currently. One day we'll be together! haha


  17. I love the blog and your photos are always adorable - passing this Stylish Blog award on to you! See http://dressingbanana.blogspot.com/2011/01/really.html

  18. What a cute idea! Love your blog! I am a new follower!


  19. You're super cute and fun. :) Thank you for stopping in and commenting on my blog (as dated as that entry was). I love your page and am excited to read more!

  20. Another Utahn! I'd know those mountains anywhere. In fact, that looks an awful lot like Provo! You don't by chance live in Provo do you?
    I love that striped shirt. It makes me really want to go to Old Navy.

  21. um, these are hilarious. I'm already excited for next friday!

    Exhibit A is my favorite.

  22. Wow, love love love your pin and the combination of purple and yellow.

    You have heard some fun stuff :)

  23. Sarah do your neighbors wonder about you???? Love you crazy girl! Norma