Jan 4, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess

 Outfit: Top: Janie and Jack,  Skirt: Crazy 8, Tights: Janie and Jack, Headband: Made by Me

So this is not me. I know it's hard to tell because she's pretty much my doppleganger but do not be fooled. This is my sweet niece Brynn. My sister in law always dresses her in the cutest stuff so over break I finally captured the adorableness that is Brynn. She's the girliest of all girls. She got a pedicure with all the girls and even got a little facial and she ate it up....no literally I'm pretty sure she licked the face mask at one time, who can blame her it was natural. Anyways, I just loved spending time with my sweet niece and playing princess and braiding Rapunzel's hair and then unbraiding Rapunzel's hair and then braiding it again. The crazy things we do for those sweet little girls.


  1. She's precious. Such beautiful curls :)

  2. ooo! those curls! that little ruffle top needs to be knocked off pronto!


  3. Whoa, I had to look twice, I thought it was you! But seriously, you two are just too cute. I'm welling up with pride at these sweet comments..that's MY cutie! I may not be capable of dressing myself but I guess I do okay by my children. Thanks for being such a great Aunt, Sarah! She sure does love you.

  4. PS-I know all the mom's out there will gawk at the Janie and Jack but it was all super clearanced, I promise.