Jan 19, 2011

She deserves two spotlights for being so cool.

Lauren is no ordinary girl so she couldn't have any ordinary monthly spotlight. So instead my loved ones, we're taking you through a photo journal of Lauren's awesomespice. Let's take a journey.

Lauren in a cute little nutshell: Hi! I am Lauren, and I am turning 23 soon and this frightens the heck out of me. I blame this irrational fear on my psychology professor who told us that when we turn 25, our body starts to shut down. And I also blame my mom's side of the family, who starts going gray at 25. So basically, I have only 2 years left to live. And those couple of sentences just summed up my blog...I am random.

 She gets inspired by random things...like me: Nature. I love to look at the broad spectrum of colors and beautiful textures. It really helps me come up with outfits for each day.

 Ted, but not the Bundy kind: Aw man. I was hoping we were going to talk about Ted Bundy. Women sure loved him. Almost as much as I love my Ted. Ted and I met when I was 15 and he was 16...and we fell in love. But it wasn't at first sight...he was too short for me. But I got over it. And he grew. It was basically a miracle.

 One amazazazing sense of style: Thank you, thank you! I feel like I am constantly evolving. I don't even know if I have a personal style. I know I love vintage, and I know I love a little edge...and I like to stay relatively on trend, but not right out of a season's lookbook. I feel like everyone should develop a look that is uniquely theirs. So while I am still evolving, I feel like I still have an element that sets me apart as "Lauren". And I developed that by  constantly going to the thrift store and looking for items that weren't too hideous. ha!

I love Lauren, you all will soon love Lauren. Go check out her blog here. Warning, once you start reading you just won't stop, consider your Wednesday night booked.


  1. What a great profile! Definitely someone to follow.

  2. Love. Love. Love. That's my Lauren. :)

  3. Cupcakes and froyo?

    I need lunch NOW.

  4. wow a miracle growth spurt!? Thats the best story i have heard in awhile.

  5. Yep. I definately just fell in love.

  6. Thanks for sharing her blog, I love finding new ones.
    My Heart Blogged

  7. i read her blog quite often. love, love, love her hair.