Feb 28, 2011

I'll Put Your Face on That Book

Outfit: Skirt: Handmade, Belt: Thrifted, Blazer: Yesstyle, Blouse: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Thrifted (Naughty Monkey)

Can you guys believe these shoes? Aren't they just the coolest things you've ever seen. I saw them and they were shouting, "Sarah pick us up, take us home, match us with all things teal and mustard." and once again I personify inanimate objects, that's how cool these shoes are.

Can I just go on a quick list making rant for a second. Don't get me wrong, there are some awesome things about facebook....but lets just talk for a sec about all the things that drive me absolutely nuts.

1. Farmville Requests: What the heck is Farmville and why is someone asking me to give them digital corn. I just don't understand.
2. Tagging Photos: Why must I always be tagged in the absolute worst looking photos of myself.
 3. Ads: For the last time, I do not want to buy that shirt that says "I used to be schizophrenic but we're okay now."
 4. Poking: This was fun for negative five seconds. Why the heck do you keep poking me.
 5. Birthday Presents: Thank you for the digital balloon....will it float into cyberspace if I let it go?
 6. Notes: Guess what, I didn't want to know about your campaign to save the Lobsters by dressing in red for the month of May and I also don't want to be notified every time someone agrees with you. Please stop this insanity.
7. Dramatic status: I really really don't want to see another status that says, "If only he knew how much I cared." or "Why can't I just learn from my mistake". We all know that you're trying to draw people in with this open ended craziness.
8. Relationship Drama: OMG OMG she just changed from in a relationship to its complicated. Let's all put a million sad faces on her page.
9. Messages that are intended to leave people in the dark: "I cannot believe that that happened, do you really think he meant it." For goodness sake write a private message if you're trying to keep us from figuring out what heck your talking about. Better yet call each other so we don't have to read any more statuses from you.
 10. Overusing your status: Please please stop, I do not want to know what your doing every minute of every day. Whether you decided to drop a class, get your tires rotated or just got your nails done...just stop the madness.
11. Pop culture status: If I see another status about, "I have a feeling that tonights gonna be a good night" or asking "Do you believe that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars" I might die. I get it, we all listen to music and know lyrics.

Alright alright whewwwww..... that felt good. I'm better now, and I'd love to hear your frustrations with Facebook. Spill it people. I promise you'll feel much better.

Feb 25, 2011


Outfit: Top: Macy's ($5!), Flower: Handmade (tutorial here), Belt: F21, Jeans Thrifted, 
And once again you cannot see my shoes
This outfit makes me feel so Latina for some reason. P.S. did you know that I'm half hispanic. Yup, my dad's brown, my moms white which makes me...really confused. Just thought you should know since we're practically BFF's. Just so you know the next step in this BFF relationship is disclosure of my terrible habit of eating cereal....really loud. True story, but Sit Matt does it too so that pretty much makes us soul mates right. Yeah, the main reason we got married was because we couldn't hear the other person crunching loud over our own cereal munching, man the stars really aligned the day we found that out. Deal.Breaker.

Is there anything else you want to know about me? How about if there is you put the question in the comment below and we'll play a fun little get to know you game. I'll post up all the questions and answer them...but I can't promise I won't be sarcastic and ornery in most of them. 

Enough of that rant, on to overheard Friday.

Exhibit A: My New Testament teacher, " I hope you guys aren't tired because I feel like a flaming ball of charisma...I'm really not as much of a flaming ball of charisma as I am a flaming ball of drugs."

Long story, let's just say he had an interesting night with perkaset after some serious back problems.

Exhibit B: Over seen (like you know with eye balls)...can I do that? A group of guys walking....one had a trash bag over his head and taped around his body, he ran straight into a tree and they all just kept walking. I have no clue, it's college people.

Feb 24, 2011

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

Outfit: Blouse:F21, Trouser: TJ Maxx, Necklace: F21, Shoes: Thrifted
Just a quick outfit post before I go submit myself to a night of studying. For your entertainment here's a video that's making me and Matt seriously consider entering an asian game show.

Feb 23, 2011

P.S. Hunchback is So In Right Now

Outfit: Blouse: F21 (50%off!), Pants: Anthropologie (80%off!), Shoes: Doesn't matter because you can't see them.
Greetings loved ones.I think I just might have the best followers in all the land. You gals--your gals---ya'lls---all of you peeps up in this hizzle's compliments made me blush....and then get even more excited to sew things... inevitably leading to sewing the night away and a serious case of sewers back. Oh you've never heard of sewers back, just picture the hunchback of notre dame, yeah that's sewers back. My shoulders have been up at my ears for hours so now I'm just rethinking how awesome you followers are....nope you're still awesome. What I'm working on should be done this weekend so advanced warning you might see a once vivacious girl turned hunchback modeling some handmade clothes in a very hunchback way....stay tuned.

Feb 22, 2011

Revival Files

Outfit: Dress: Thrifted and revived, Boots: Gifted (Madden girl), Belt: Thrifted
I'm so disappointed in my over eager sewing self. I get so excited to revamp clothes I find that I always forget to take a before picture. But this is almost exactly what it looked like when I found it.

Even though it looked like a total old lady dress I absolutely loved the pattern, fun patterns can be so hard to come by so I figured I'd take my chances and if worse came to worse I was out $3.I dropped the neckline, shortened the sleeves, shortened the hemline and took in the waist. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It almost has an Anthropologie-esque look to it!

Feb 21, 2011


 Outfit: Blouse: The loft, undershirt: F21, Jeans: Thrifted, Hat: Charlotte Russe, Boots: Gifted (Madden Girl)

Why the Debbie Downer face you wonder. I said goodbye to one of my favorite girls Em this weekend. She's leaving for Peru for one and a half years. Can you believe it? I'm soooo excited for Em (and can I just clear the air and say JEALOUS!!). So we had a little farewell bonfire to send our girl off!
 These are some of my favorite girls in the world. We roomed together years ago and they were the best roommates ever. We laughed, we loved, and mostly we were just dorks. I seriously had the best summer of my life that year. Even though our lives have changed nothing has changed at all, I will always do anything for these ladies.

 I asked Em to give me her best Peru look and this was what I got. Ahh Em I love you.

I'll miss you Emily but I'm so excited for all that awesome adventures that are ahead of you!

Feb 18, 2011

Spring Blossom Tutorial

Springs coming so obviously my mind is caught up somewhere in a field of daisies. Speaking of daisies, here's a fun blossom pin to spruce up your upcoming Spring wardrobe:
You'll Need:
Glue Gun
(You'll be making seven of these individual flowers to glue to the center piece)

Happy Weekend Everyone! I'd love to see some pictures of your finished blossoms!

Feb 16, 2011

Not V-Day...B-Day

 Outfit: Blouse: Thrifted, Blazer: YesStyle, Jeans: Thrifted, 
Boots: Vintage Thrifted, Necklace: Vintage Thrifted
I know I know you've been white knuckle gripping your computers waiting for the second that I would tell you what me and Sir Matt did for Valentine's Day. We're just that important. Someone even sent me a message telling me that if they didn't know how we celebrated by the end of the night my favorite stuffed animal squiggy would be no more...it's gotten that serious. So to save my poor Squiggy's life I'll tell you. 
Me and Matt are total foodies for ethnic food. Anything Indian, Thai, Japanese, questionable looking we die for. So for Valentine's we went to our very favorite Indian restaurant here in Provo...THE BOMBAY. It's actually called Bombay House (go there, eat there, live there) but it's so stinkin' good that it was essential to have THE in front of it to show that it is the one and only house of Bombay. If you guys ever go there get the Chicken Makhani, you'll drool, it'll be embarrassing and then you'll try to forget all of the times that you didn't know what Chicken Makhani was.
Now you know our secret....we really just eat until our hearts are content on holidays.I mean come one,what says I love you better than some fiery Indian food down your gullet. Hope you guys had a food...I mean good Valentine's Day! Now give me Squiggy back!

Feb 15, 2011

All You Need Is Love

Outfit: Shirt: Target, Jeans: TJ Maxx ($2!), Scarf: Made by my sis, Shoes: Michael Kors (TJ Maxx $20), Belt: Thrfited, Purse: Gifted (Aeropostale)
I know I crossed my heart that I would post on Monday but I was like one of those attention deprived puppies that has goopy tears in their eyes and cries when their owner comes home.The second Matt walked in the door I clung to that man like one of those dryer sheets that gives you an electric shock when you try to peel it off your pant leg. It was kind of the perfect beginning to Valentine's day. We had one of those nights where we just appreciated each other.We stayed up cuddling and telling each other each and every insignificant detail from our week. Man that boy is my air I tell you. What a good best buddy he is for listening to how terrible my midterms were, how much I enjoyed soup for every meal and my girls night with my best girl April. What did we do for Valentine's day? You'll just have to wait and see until tommorrow:)

Feb 10, 2011

Cross My Heart

Sooo...Sir Matt has escaped his daily duties of taking my pictures to go be a big bad civil engineer in California for the week. You know what this means, I'm lonely and there's no photographer so naturally I just prance around in my skivies all day refusing to get dressed. I promise Monday I'll be back with all of my usual shinanigans so please please bear with me. But for now.

I can't stop eating this for dinner. Random fact, I love soup more than any person in the world. I have a serious serious addiction. Here is the recipe for the Thai Lobster Curry soup that has recently stolen my heart and here is the replica of Olive Garden's Zupa Tuscana that I've had every day for lunch. Dear soup I love you and will miss you dearly when Matt comes back...but not nearly as much as I miss Matt, sorry you're still just food.

Feb 8, 2011

A Legacy

 Outfit: Dress: Grandma'd, Belt: TJ Maxx, Tights: Kohl's, Sweater: Thrifted, Pin: Homemade
When I was just a  ornery little girl concerned with whether or not my barbies shoes matched my mom showed me a picture of a young woman. Her hair was wound tight in pin curls, her lips scarlet red, and the look in her eyes made you wonder what she had seen in her life. It was the prettiest woman I'd ever seen. As I brushed my finger tip over the textured lines in the picture I thought that she had to be a star. The only people that ever looked like that lived in movies. I begged my mom to tell me who it was because I felt like I knew her. I knew that look in her eyes. That beautiful woman was my grandma.

Yesterday me and Sir Matt went to a dance performance. Matt in his shnazy leather jacket and me in one of my Grandma's old dresses. And strangely I felt so powerful. Ready to take on the world one scarlet lip at a time. Thanks for being so inspiring Grandma. Now if only I could learn your flawless pin curls.
I had to include Matt just staring at the white canvas. There were people there playing the "What does this painting make you think of" game. Seems like Matt's ready to take the prize with his furrowed brow.

Feb 7, 2011

New Places

I'm just a girl. Running around in my own little bubble, doing my own little things, the same old things, after the same old things, after the same old things. Study, whine about studying, go out to that little place we love on state street where they know what we order because we're geezers like that, snuggle and watch a movie. We're snuggled in our bubble so tightly that we can't even see it's a bubble, like those hamsters in clear little balls that think their running around in the world, free as can be but really their completely confined. It's not a problem. I like it this way. But that's the problem. So Friday night we set out to discover new places and new people. We drove and drove like lost little tourists until we found that new place in need of being conquered. We sat, we ate, we talked with new faces, and it was a breath of fresh air. Even though it was the same thing we do on Friday nights, going somewhere new was just what we needed. Something that made us feel like we are still those explorers that tremble at doing the same thing more than once. That same couple that would end up hurdling trash cans through the neighborhood at two a.m., or sneaking into a stadium just to pretend like I had made the winning touchdown in a superbowl game. And then I realized we're that same couple, just a bit hungrier on Friday nights now, and I like it that way.

Also. Love love this new place that opened up. It's called the Sweet Connection. If you're in Utah you HAVE to go try this out. Here's their website.

Feb 4, 2011

Overheard Friday

Outfit: Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Forever Young, Necklace: F21

What was overheard this week you ask. Take a looksy.

Exhibit A: Random man and woman that I might know personally: Mr Random, “Boy’s farts are different from girls farts.” Mrs. Random, “ Why is that?” Mr. Random, “ Ones male and ones female. I bet that if a boy and a girl farted at the same time, a baby would be born”
No joke, exact quote of what I heard. I. Know.

Exhibit B: Colleen's husband heard this at work: Lady to Guy: "Did you watch Big Bang Theory last night?"
Guy: "No. I did one hour of house work and then went to bed where my wife subjected me to sex ... and the city."
So glad you finished that sentence bud.

 Exhibit C: Overzealous man. "If I could make a holiday card it would say, “ Son you can do it, you can go all the way, so go all the way okay”
Most un-clever weirdest card ever. Also, why was he making a card out to his hypothetical son?

 To give your day a little umph...
You know the drill. E-mail me those crazy things you hear!

Feb 3, 2011

DIY Silhouette Frame Tutorial

You likey? Yeah me likey too. Here's the rundown
You'll Need:
Frame (I got mine at the thrift store for .50)
Paint (if you want to paint the frame)
An old t-shirt (preferably with a pattern)
1. Prep your frames either by painting them, or if their from the thrift store wipe it down and make it shiny new.
2. Trace this image from your computer screen onto a piece of paper.
 3. Cut the silhouette out from the paper.
 4. Tape the silhouette to felt and cut the felt silhouette out.
 5. Take your old shirt (I used one of Matt's that he was going to give to the thrift store) and cut it the size of the picture needed for your frame. Mine was a four by six.
 6. Place the felt silhouette on the rectangle of fabric, slide it in the frame and wah lah!
I'm kind of in love, especially since I spent a whopping .50 cents on this sucker. 
As always send me pics of your own homemade silhouette frame.
P.S. Tomorrow is overheard friday so send me some crazy things you've overheard!
P.S.S. The lovely Colleen featured me on her blog, if you want to find out why and how I started my blog go check it out here!

Feb 2, 2011

Shrieks From The Crowd

Outfit: Jacket: Thrifted, Dress: Wal-Mart, Tights: Kohl's, Boots: Vintage, Thrifted

Blogzillad: A term coined by Sarah referring to a blog completely taking over someones life.
I refuse to be blogzillad, therefore even though my laptop gives me warmth after its been sitting on my lap for twenty minutes...I'd still rather get some cuddly warmth from my husband. See ya latazzzz!

Feb 1, 2011


Outfit: Sweater: Sistered, Blouse: Thrifted and revamped, Trousers: TJMaxx,

These trousers go up past my belly button but to be honest, I wish they went even higher.Like around my neck or something, past my eyes even. I don't know what it is about a trouser pant with some serious flare but I always feel like a million bucks in them. Probably because the word trouser makes me think I'm going to high tea with the gov'na.This blouse was pretty terrible when I found it at the thrift store, when I tried it on for Sir Matt he thought I had turned into a 90 year old woman,  but it was only 99 cents and I could handle Sir Matt's smirks, so I went with my vision. I just stripped it of it's nasty stained shoulder pads and added the secretary bow and wa-la, vintage licious. I'm thinking secretary bow tutorial? What do you think ma peeps?