Feb 3, 2011

DIY Silhouette Frame Tutorial

You likey? Yeah me likey too. Here's the rundown
You'll Need:
Frame (I got mine at the thrift store for .50)
Paint (if you want to paint the frame)
An old t-shirt (preferably with a pattern)
1. Prep your frames either by painting them, or if their from the thrift store wipe it down and make it shiny new.
2. Trace this image from your computer screen onto a piece of paper.
 3. Cut the silhouette out from the paper.
 4. Tape the silhouette to felt and cut the felt silhouette out.
 5. Take your old shirt (I used one of Matt's that he was going to give to the thrift store) and cut it the size of the picture needed for your frame. Mine was a four by six.
 6. Place the felt silhouette on the rectangle of fabric, slide it in the frame and wah lah!
I'm kind of in love, especially since I spent a whopping .50 cents on this sucker. 
As always send me pics of your own homemade silhouette frame.
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  1. This is a great post, thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Love it! I love silouettes (I hope you spelled that word right, cause' I totally just copied how you spelled it!) and will be trying this soon!

  3. I really like this I think I might do some for my mom's apartment. if I do them I will post a link of it in a comment. Something sort of funny I overhead at the mall at Charlotte Russe. " I don't want these. No, I want 100%, real silk."-Customer "Well, we have things that feel like silk that are very affordable. But we don't sell anything that is 100% silk here, I'm sorry."- Worker. The customer then plopped all the "fake silk" items down, and left.
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  4. That is way cute! Thanks for the tutorial! I'm always looking for cute DIY crafts.


  5. Um hello thanks for stopping by my blog. and ask me if i passed out when I read your 'about me' section. because yes i passed out laughing. You are hysterical and i think you're cool too.

  6. very cool diy! though, i can't draw a straight line, even if i am just tracing...i will try this though.

    Girl Meets Handbag