Feb 7, 2011

New Places

I'm just a girl. Running around in my own little bubble, doing my own little things, the same old things, after the same old things, after the same old things. Study, whine about studying, go out to that little place we love on state street where they know what we order because we're geezers like that, snuggle and watch a movie. We're snuggled in our bubble so tightly that we can't even see it's a bubble, like those hamsters in clear little balls that think their running around in the world, free as can be but really their completely confined. It's not a problem. I like it this way. But that's the problem. So Friday night we set out to discover new places and new people. We drove and drove like lost little tourists until we found that new place in need of being conquered. We sat, we ate, we talked with new faces, and it was a breath of fresh air. Even though it was the same thing we do on Friday nights, going somewhere new was just what we needed. Something that made us feel like we are still those explorers that tremble at doing the same thing more than once. That same couple that would end up hurdling trash cans through the neighborhood at two a.m., or sneaking into a stadium just to pretend like I had made the winning touchdown in a superbowl game. And then I realized we're that same couple, just a bit hungrier on Friday nights now, and I like it that way.

Also. Love love this new place that opened up. It's called the Sweet Connection. If you're in Utah you HAVE to go try this out. Here's their website.


  1. love your jacket!!

  2. Omg!! that piece of cake looks delicious!!!
    That's good, sometimes, trying new things, and going out of the rutine!

    Greetings and have a nice week!



  3. I like how you wrote this.

    I've never hear of this place, but I will have to try it soon! Thanks!

  4. i know exactly where that place is!! i think we live in the same town. :) and now i want to check it out, that cake looks delish!


  5. My Fiance and I are the same way! Most of the time we just like to be snuggled on our couch watching our recorded TV shows... but sometimes we get the inkling to go out and wet our feet a little! Looks yummy!

  6. :D Looks yummie! And I really like your blog!

  7. It's ok your allowed to whine about studying. That to me is the hardest thing to do. Especially when a Friday night is calling you. That dessert look so good. I love your beanie mustard fits you so well.

  8. Hola Sara! You've got two awards from me! I love your blog that's why you deserved to have those. Congratulations! check them out for rules! Beverly


  9. It is always fun to try something or go somewhere new...that cake look so delicious!!
    Love your mustard hat and scarf!

  10. This is just cruel. I'm drooling! Where is my Sweet Connection! Ok, to do list: definitely find something comparable in Florida!

  11. you are adorable!

    where is the sweet connection?! That little dessert looks awful TASTY!!!!! mmmmm

    ps. I love your bloggity blog!