Feb 16, 2011

Not V-Day...B-Day

 Outfit: Blouse: Thrifted, Blazer: YesStyle, Jeans: Thrifted, 
Boots: Vintage Thrifted, Necklace: Vintage Thrifted
I know I know you've been white knuckle gripping your computers waiting for the second that I would tell you what me and Sir Matt did for Valentine's Day. We're just that important. Someone even sent me a message telling me that if they didn't know how we celebrated by the end of the night my favorite stuffed animal squiggy would be no more...it's gotten that serious. So to save my poor Squiggy's life I'll tell you. 
Me and Matt are total foodies for ethnic food. Anything Indian, Thai, Japanese, questionable looking we die for. So for Valentine's we went to our very favorite Indian restaurant here in Provo...THE BOMBAY. It's actually called Bombay House (go there, eat there, live there) but it's so stinkin' good that it was essential to have THE in front of it to show that it is the one and only house of Bombay. If you guys ever go there get the Chicken Makhani, you'll drool, it'll be embarrassing and then you'll try to forget all of the times that you didn't know what Chicken Makhani was.
Now you know our secret....we really just eat until our hearts are content on holidays.I mean come one,what says I love you better than some fiery Indian food down your gullet. Hope you guys had a food...I mean good Valentine's Day! Now give me Squiggy back!


  1. you two are adorable! so happy to have met the other night! xo

  2. Oh, my goodness, YUM that food looks amazing. My hubs and I are in LOVE with Indian food, so good! Sounds like a fab V-Day, and your dinner outfit is absolutely gorg.

    Loving the stripes + polka dots paired together, and that necklace matches perfectly! You look so, so adorable. xx veronika

  3. THe navy stripes and orange polka dots look so great together. I love this combo. And that food looks deliiiiiiicious.


  4. Love this outfit on you and sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day!

  5. The food looks delicious!! And i love the way you mixed stripes and polka dots! Beautiful!

  6. That's basically our rituals for holidays too! We also LOVE food, I've never had Indian food but after hearing from so many people how good it is, I desperately want to try. Ad your outfit=adorable. Love the pattern mixing!!!

  7. I love Indian food. That looks so yummy!

  8. i am loving this mix. i love stripes and have been longing for a striped jacket/blazer...and it's so wonderful with the red polka dots.


  9. Love your style! your so cute :)


  10. I love that you are wearing polka dots, stripes, and a bold coordinating necklace, and in no way does it look like too much to me. SWEET job.