Feb 25, 2011


Outfit: Top: Macy's ($5!), Flower: Handmade (tutorial here), Belt: F21, Jeans Thrifted, 
And once again you cannot see my shoes
This outfit makes me feel so Latina for some reason. P.S. did you know that I'm half hispanic. Yup, my dad's brown, my moms white which makes me...really confused. Just thought you should know since we're practically BFF's. Just so you know the next step in this BFF relationship is disclosure of my terrible habit of eating cereal....really loud. True story, but Sit Matt does it too so that pretty much makes us soul mates right. Yeah, the main reason we got married was because we couldn't hear the other person crunching loud over our own cereal munching, man the stars really aligned the day we found that out. Deal.Breaker.

Is there anything else you want to know about me? How about if there is you put the question in the comment below and we'll play a fun little get to know you game. I'll post up all the questions and answer them...but I can't promise I won't be sarcastic and ornery in most of them. 

Enough of that rant, on to overheard Friday.

Exhibit A: My New Testament teacher, " I hope you guys aren't tired because I feel like a flaming ball of charisma...I'm really not as much of a flaming ball of charisma as I am a flaming ball of drugs."

Long story, let's just say he had an interesting night with perkaset after some serious back problems.

Exhibit B: Over seen (like you know with eye balls)...can I do that? A group of guys walking....one had a trash bag over his head and taped around his body, he ran straight into a tree and they all just kept walking. I have no clue, it's college people.


  1. Such a cute outfit!!! I can't believe you made that flower - it is perfect!!!



  2. You look so adorable here! I can't believe that top was only 5 bucks, what an awesome steal!!

  3. That's cool you are half Latina! I am Hispanic as well (100% though)! Where is your dad from?

    Love the outfit!! It does have a bit of a Latin flare!

  4. WOW!!!


  5. The top is gorgeous on you. I love getting steals like that.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. Love the blog!

    Do your neighbors come and watch as you guys shoot your daily pics?

  7. Love the outfit!

    My overheard-
    Two guys and a girl standing in a tight circle around a cell phone in guy ones hand:

    Guy one: Is it the battery....thingy.....

    Guy two: Um, maybe, could be, yes it's the battery....thing.....

    Girl: Can you ix it?

    Guy one: Haven't tried, but I know for sure it's the battery thing.

    Guy two: Oh wait.....who's phone is this?

  8. $5?? I guess I need to hit the stores more so I can find some good deals!!

    Totally Cute!

  9. Aah, you're so much fun! I love this outfit!

    How many photos do you take of each outfit?

    Do you ever make Sir Matt do photo shoots?

    Looking forward to the sarcastic answers!

  10. Just found your blog, and I wanted to drop by and say that your outfits are all adorable/gorgeous/amazing/fantastic. :)

    And I love DIY things! The flower is really cute!


  11. I am half-hispanic, too, but the other way. (Mexican + Swedish = swedican, one of my favorite college nicknames.)

  12. OMGOODNESS!! I am super in love with this top on you girl it looks super hottt!!

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    Check out my awesome Gussy Sews Giveaway mmmk!!

  13. I LOVE that top! Hey and guess what?! I'm half hispanic too! Crazy, huh? Except my mom's the hispanic one and my dad is white ha :)

  14. These are some great pictures of you today.

    I swear I wasn't that stupid in college. Or maybe I was....

  15. Okay seriously? You are WAY gorgeous in this outfit! I love the ruffles on that top, it's almost like a mini-dress. You look absolutely amazing!

    I'm so glad you two are loud munchers together. :) And I love your sarcasm. I speak it fluently.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  16. I have a question! You're mormon right? Wear garments? What do you do to hide your garment line when you're in a short dress and wearing tight jeans/leggings/tights? No mormon fashion bloggers ever talk about this subject. Please start!

  17. the exposed zipper front on this takes it to another level. sweet and latina and modern.
    and if you do do a post on wearing garments with leggings/jeggings etc. please mention the capri length garment option. they are a life saver.

  18. I love this outfit and the cute flower! Thank you for visiting my blog :) You should check into pet rescues or shelters in your area.. sometimes they need dog walkers or people to help out with adoption events. Then you could play with the puppies without having one :)

  19. You look so pretty in red.
    My kids are Half-Hispanic, Half-Irish, how's that for a mix? :)
    Strange story about the guy with trashbag over his body. Why? and why did they let him run into a tree? What a strange thing to see :)

  20. I want that top!!!! Go buy me one!!!! Please please please!! Or can I just have it! Come on, I like love love love it!!!!! How about I just give you money and you go shop for me! Ya that sounds GREAT!

    -Your loving sister Jen

  21. First off, I love your hair + complexion + eyes combo-- you have a wonderfully natural beauty!

    Second off, I love your style and the colors you slap together. It's inspiring. I think I may go thrifting tomorrow :)