Mar 8, 2011

Bunting Banner Tutorial

I've been so in love with fun spring bunting banners and have wanted to make one for my sewing space for forever and finally...FINALLY got around to doing it this weekend!

To Make This You'll Need:
Bias Binding
1/2 yd of 4 fabrics of your choice
sewing machine

1. On your paper draw a triangle that is 8" wide and 9" long. Cut it out, this will be your triangle pattern.
Using the triangle pattern you just made cut out 8 triangles for each pattern. This will be thirty two triangles total.
2.To sew the triangles together, take two triangles of the same pattern, put the right sides together and sew the triangle edges together (you will be sewing a v shape) , don't sew the top of the triangle, you will need this open to turn it right side out.
 3. After sewing the triangle together, cut the tip off and then turn the triangle right side out.
 4. Once all of the triangles are sewn and right side out, take your bias bunting and arrange the triangles how you would like them on the banner and then place the triangle tops inside of the bunting about a 1/2". (When you buy the bunting it will already be folded in half for you so all you have to do is place the triangles inside). When they are placed the way you want them pin each edge of the triangle to the bunting.
 5. Stitch all the way down the edge of the bunting to secure the triangles in place. Remove the pins as you go.
 6. Wa la, go enjoy your awesome bunting banner!
Let me know if you guys need any clarification and as usual I'd love to see any pictures of your own banners!


  1. Super cute Sarah my lovelie!!! I could have used that little flag banner for a baby shower I just did in the office!!! You have to take a look, for you convenience I have taken the liberty to paste the link in! hahah Here you go!

    Anyway your little flags are super cute! Now that I know you have this talent, tack that onto the list of things you will be doing for my wedding! hahah

    Love ya!


  2. CUTE! I need to do something like that for my sewing room

  3. this is cuuuttte! I just made one a few weeks ago... it took me forever to figure out it is called "bunting". hahaha im a crafty wannabe :)

  4. Bunting is such a fun way to decorate. What a great project!

  5. i have that picture on your wall in my bathroom! so cute!!!

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