Mar 9, 2011

Guest Post

Hey guys, I'm guest posting over here today! So go get your hot crossed buns....sorry not trying to imply your buns are hot or crossed, I heard it was one of those sayings, weird when thought of as literal but okay if you're using it as a common every day saying. Anyways just trying to say you better go get your butt over there!


  1. great post today over at mvd! you are adorable!


  2. I loved you before you were famous and guest blogging, for the record.

    Write it in lipstick

  3. Umm I love your blog.
    And your blazer on your guest post!!


  4. You, my dear, are fabbo and hilarious. I read your comment over at Yours, Mine, and Ours and I likta died. People at work think I'm crazy cause I burst into laughter every 2.5 seconds. We should start a trend of mismatched earrings to see how long it takes someone to notice. It's like a more subtle version of the challenges that Glamour writes about in their mag. I posted that I have two holes in each ear so I could wear four different ones like fraternal quadruplets!
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