Mar 11, 2011

Why Did the Frisky Old Man Cross The Road?

Outfit: Vest: Swapped (American Eagle), Blouse: Target, Skirt: Thrifted and revive, Belt: Swapped, Shoes: Thrifted

I gave it my all at making a little hair bow well....out of my hair. What do you guys think? Do again...not so much? Sarah it looks like you're wearing a creepy hair bow on your head, never ever try that again?

There was an awesome clothing swap on campus this week. I went and scored the vest and belt and a few other lovelies that you will just have to wait to see. I propose that there may be nothing better than donating clothes you hate to get clothes you love. What do you guys think, would you be interested in an online swap? 

I have a few Overheard Friday goods for you:
Exhibit A: Pineapple heard this in a Target dressing room: "Oh mommy, your butt's too big."

The sweet joys of chilren and their brutal honesty.

Exhibit B: Lady not so s.m.r.t and blushing boy at the movies, "Hey Tangled is on both at 7:00 and the movie fifteen minutes long?"

-Oh my sweet innocent girl, looks like he should take you home at 7:15 instead.

Exhibit C: I'm riding home from school and am at the crosswalk stop just in time to see this little encounter, Police officer to a frisky old man carrying a long board, Police Officer: "Hey buddy I'm looking you straight in the eyes so now I can see if you'll try and make any faces." Frisky old man carrying a long board, "I don't like the tone of your voice, maybe you should calm down."

-I know you don't believe me but really...could I lie about something like this. The police officer called for backup.
If you want what you overhear featured send me an e-mail! Happy Weekend Everyone.


  1. Your outfit is super adorable! I really love the skirt.

    I do admire you for trying a new hairstyle. I think you pull it off pretty well...but I do get a hint of "mickey mouse" ears at first glance :) haha! I hope that doesn't offend you...I figured I should be honest. You still look freaking adorable though.

  2. adorable i love how you did your hair, and i want those shoes! also, cute vest!!!! great outfit

    <3 steffy

  3. Love this feature - hilarious! You can't make stuff like that up! Well, I guess you could.... :P

    Aww you're hair is cute - but I have to admit I didn't think bow I thought Mickey Mouse - BUT I think it's b/c I have Disney World on the mind - a lot of parents heading there for March break!

  4. I am going to a clothing swap tonight, and had a great idea for an online swap. We should talk!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. Adore the hair bow on you and that skirt is amazing! Have a good weekend!

  6. I love your style and your clothes. How about you come dress me? Oh yeah, that sounds like a great idea... and you can give me all your clothes while you're at it. :) Genious!
    Oh and I also got the impression of Mickey Mouse ears. I like the idea though. Maybe you could do a small one, like on the side of your head and see how that works?

  7. your hair looks like a bow! how fun. i love your vest. you look so cute!


  8. I think your hair looks super cute! It really shows off the beauty in your face, too!

    And really? Telling an officer he needs to calm down? Probably not high on the list of what not to say to the police! Yikes!

  9. i think your hair shows your style, awsomely.

    my favorite quote of the week: i teach jr. high and we were doing some vocab. the word was buoyancy and i have them draw something that reminds them of the word--when I asked "what did you draw?" she says "it's like Jesus!" oh, i just laughed for like 5 minutes....

  10. The hair bow is cute definitely do it again...maybe a tutorial?? Love the skirt and denim blouse!

    ps. The 15 minute movie was hilarious!!

  11. This would be an awesome addition to my Fashion Friday link up! Anything and I mean Anything fashion goes. I would love to have you! Great outfits. I need to have someone take my pics outside!

  12. Wowww! I like the hair bow, it's definitely different. :)

    Love the outfit btw!!!

    - Caroline (

  13. I think the hair is cute! I have never been to a clothes swap before, but I Love the idea!

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    That Girl in Pearls

  14. Your hair bow is cool. It makes me wish I didn't have short hair. I really like your skirt.
    My Heart Blogged

  15. To me, it looks like Minnie Mouse ears, not a bow. But I kind of love it. For those days when you need a hairstyle that look 'done', but which has a really great sense of humor.

  16. You're funny, you're pretty and amazingly talented but honestly I don't like the hairdo, like most ladies have said it remind's me of M.M.

  17. I love that you tried out this hairstyle. I saw a tutorial for it awhile ago and have been thinking about trying it out.

    And an online swap sounds awesome! I think this should happen.


  18. Love...adore the tank and denim! And hair because you can so pull it off!

  19. You look ADORABLE!! I do love the hair bow, I think it's so cute!

  20. You are super cute! :-D But I admittedly got the Mickey Mouse vibe, too ;-)

    Relatable Style

  21. I really like that skirt. The hair is cute but, it is a smidge cartoony, maybe you should try two separate buns instead.

    super cute! love the print of the skirt!


  23. I love your bow! It reminds of me of Minnie Mouse in the best way possible. You look great and it definitely shows your individuality!