Apr 21, 2011

Desire To Inspire: Cool and Minty

hi everyone!
my name is lauren, pronounced "lah-wren" and i blog over at busy bee lauren.
i tickled pink that i get to guest post today! so awesomespice :)
i am a bit of a wannabe fashion blogger, so when Sarah asked me to draw inspiration from an object for a one of my daily outfit posts, it really helped get the creative juices flowing! here is what i came up with:
i turned my favorite toy camera into this...
mint camera = mint/navy/orange combo? does it work? ehh...if not, it was still fun!

Apr 20, 2011

Desire To Inspire: Interiors

Sarah asked me to share with you today an outfit inspired by a picture. 
Well you see... I actually love photography, so I am inspired by it daily.

For this outfit I was inspired by the pretty colors of yellow and navy blue. 
Doesn't that just sound pretty to you? and very springy, which were dying to have around here ;)

via here and here
via here

I love the inspiration I get from looking at different room decor. If you ever don't know what to wear I suggest you google room decor and you will instantly be inspired. From all the different colors, textures, patterns and details you can easily put together an outfit inspired by all of it.

Here's what I came up with for my outfit inspired by yellow and navy blue.

Here's the break down of what I'm wearing: Thrifted tan skirt and bag, Vintage polka dot top from a friend, yellow and tan heels borrowed from my lovely momma. Yes she has style too. 

See it isn't hard at all. If you ever don't even know what colors to wear, look up pictures or look around you. You will be surprised at what a beautiful photograph can do and most importantly how much it can inspire you. 

Thanks again Sarah for letting me post over here at your blog today. 
I had a blast coming up with an outfit.
And all you Sarah's fans, stop by my blog one of these days. I'd love to hear from ya ;)
Love, Ana!

Apr 19, 2011

Desire To Inspire: Orange You Glad You Didn't Say Banana?

Hello sweet readers of Wearing It On My Sleeves. 
and I'm so excited to be guest posting today. 

First off, can we just talk about Sarah's eyebrows for a sec? 
I'm obsessed. 
I sort of wish I had dark hair, just so that I could rock eyebrows like her's!
Okay, onward--When Sarah told me the theme of the week I got so excited, because finding inspiration from everyday things is such a lovely idea, don't you think?

Well, girlies, I'm semi-obsessed with produce, and when I saw this, I knew it had to be my Muse:
I loved the color, the texture, the sheen, the shadows. 
I loved it all, and here's what I came up with:
Outfit Details:
Striped Cardi: Banana Republic Outlet on Sale, Silk top: Banana Republic via Buffalo Exchange, Leather Belt: J.Crew on Sale, Metallic Skirt: Handmade from vintage fabric, Kitten Heels: Dillard's Closing Sale, Necklace: Forever21, Bracelet: EmersonMade gift.
Thanks Sarah for the fun project.
I hope to see you all over at my blog soon.
xoxo, Ashley

Apr 18, 2011

Desire To Inspire

I'm going to be partyin' in Hawaii this next week so I decided to have a fun little project with some of my favorite bloggers while I'm away. 
 I've gotten a few questions about how I get inspired to create outfits based off of things I see and well...I can't explain it, so I thought what better way to explain it than by showing it. 
Here are the rules for Desire to Inspire; take a picture of something that has inspired you and then create an outfit based off of the inspiration.
This picture was my muse. Of course day one and I cheated, typical me, this lovely photography isn't mine, it's my talented friend Chelsy's from her photography blog. Here's the outfit I created.

Maxi: Swapped (Old Navy), Sweater: Swapped (BCBG), Blouse: TJ Maxx, Belt: Thrifted, Wedges: Thrifted

Want to participate at home? Just take a picture of something that inspires you, create an outfit based off of your picture, write a post about it this week, and shoot me an e-mail with your link and I'll feature all of your inspirations next week!

Apr 15, 2011

Now Listen Here Young Man

I was talking the other day with a friend about how totally incompetent I feel when it will come to being a mom. I can spike a mean volleyball, sew a skirt but raise a human to become an awesome person....I'm terrified.
 Don't get too excited me and Sir Matt aren't even thinking about getting pregnant right now but sometimes I can't help but think about what kind of mom I'll be. Will I be the finger pointer, the shoe thrower, the threat maker....the guilt giver?
 My mom always knew the perfect thing to do, she knew to ignore me while I pouted and sulked in self pitty for several hours on end, just hug me while I cried or tell me to suck it up and put a smile on when I really needed it. She was a dang natural.
 But what if I just....don't know what to do. I do think I'll be good at one thing though, the "mom look". I know how to give a darn good stink eye. Check it.
 Don't you just want to do exactly what I tell you right now?
How about now? Yeah that's what I thought.

10 superstar points if you know where this quotes from

" Your girlfriend gave me the stink eye in art class yesterday" "Katrina's not my girlfriend alright? And I doubt she gave you the stinkeye that's just how her face looks, you know? That's just her face."

Blouse: Target, Skirt: Made by me, Necklace: Thrifted, Watch: Antique, Boots: Thrifted

Apr 14, 2011

Suit Yourself

You guys my pasty legs are coming out of their hiding place to go swimming, yes it's that time of year again....looks like I'm going to need some seriously awesome swimwear to distract from their blinding whitness...okay and a razor because these puppies have been hiding all winter. I mean let's be honest with ourselves, it's total common knowledge that a little extra fur just keeps you warmer in the winter. 
Am I right or am I right?
Can I just share with you for a second a few of my favorite pieces this summer. I found this awesome swimwear company the other day that sells vintage inspired pieces, and for such unique swimsuits their not too terribly priced, I would totally splurge on one of these beauties. Let the glory begin.
Seaspray $80
Buy it here
Paisley $49
I'm sorry but that's a dang steal
Buy it here
Moncherry  $65
I would like to be fed cherries and fanned with a palm tree leaf in this.
Buy it here
Ebony and Ivory $49
Buy it here
Okay are you guys in love yet? 

I'll be showing you some of the swimwear I'll be wearing this summer...but you'll just have to hold your little horses for that one.

Until then. Suit yourself.

Apr 13, 2011

I Do

 So I come home from work today and I catch Matt photo shopping his engineering teacher into any random picture he can find on the internet...
Only one of many of his creations, there were at least twenty more
 Can I just say for a second that this explains exactly why I married him.
 Whether it's reading everything on my laptop screen in his deep biblical voice for twenty minutes or mooning me while I get ready in the morning the kids always keeping it real. And for that I give him a gold star and a high five. My soul mate everyone.
Skirt: giveaway by J.E.M Apparel (skirt can be found here), Shirt: Target, Sweater: Thrifted, Necklace: F21 Belt: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Thrifted

Apr 12, 2011


When finals week rolls around you would think I would actually be studying for finals...but instead I procrastinate with filler shows like America's Next Top Model
This weeks show was so applicable to real life...I mean come on isn't it always.
 I learned that pictures should always tell a story or else you're just drekitude...I don't know  it's Shrek's cousin or something.
 Like the above pictured storyline: Sarah a 50's housewife, is twirling in a field because you just won a brand new Honda from the street.The story line is so obvious right.
 Next thing you need to learn to be on top. Smeyes. I know it sounds like a disease but apparently it's desireable. It has something to do with making your eyes smile when your mouth isn't smiling even though eyes lack the capability of smiling...yeah still not quite.grasping. this. concept. Oh nope totally got it, my mouth just blinked so it all makes sense now.
  If that doesn't work just look all pouty and stuff, and if that doesn't work just make yourself cry because you just don't know if you have what it takes to be on top. Yeah that'll really get 'em.
Look I'm smeysing!!!!! Thanks Tyra. Life.Changed. 

Dress: Thrifted (rampage), Sweater: Head Over Heels, Necklace: Bijou Market, Watch: Antique

Apr 11, 2011

I Wanna Hold The Whole Wide World

 Me and my awesome blog friend Ana from Sweet Serendipity met up to go to a Mindy Gledhill concert last week! I'm always nervous to meet other bloggers for the reasly dealsy but I had so much fun hanging with Ana. We chatted like little 9th grade school girls.
Proof for you that I actually looked decent before me and Ana got drenched in the rain waiting for the concert.

Skirt: High school homecoming dress made into skirt, Belt: Thrifted, Blouse: Thrifted (Loft), Pin: Grandma'd, Watch: Antique

 Mindy blew me away. For some reason I always think singers voices will be worse in concert..but holy crap.She's was so amazing live. Can you believe the spot we had to, front and center.
Me, Mindy and Ana. You know no big, we're cool with Mindy like that.
You guys have got to check Mindy's music out, you'll listen to this stuff on repeat for a week straight, okay so that's just what I did, you caught me. Here are some of her videos here and here.

Apr 10, 2011

You Have No Power Over Me

It's not too often that I get personal...usually my comments are soaked in sarcasm and my dorky leaps and poses in pictures keep the mood light but really I made this blog to express myself so well...I'm going to. I'll keep this anonymous so as not to name names.

I've had a tough week. It's not often that someone can get me in tears but it happened. Puffy faced, gaspoing for air Sarah is a beast I do not let out often. Long story short I was accused of something I did not do by someone else who was once a friend, and in front of those I loved, my name was thrown in the mud. Usually I'd let this roll off of my shoulders and just feel sorry for the poor load a' poo that said it but this one really hurt, and I think I know why.

Rewind. bjkfla;ghksla...(this is supposed to be what talking sounds like rewinding) fjkdsla;gdas.

I've had a tough year when it comes to friends. Everyone that I thought was once a friend completely disappeared. My life changed when I got married, I was no longer part of the single scene (which heck I'd be a weirdo if I was part of that scene) but because of that every friend (but one and my awesome sisters literally though) completely vanished from my life. Sir Matt is always and will always be my best friend but let's face it, sometimes a girl just needs a girly friend to chatter with, cry with, laugh with (make random music videos with...you know who I'm hinting at, it rhymes with shmaitlin, renny, pichelle and shmemily). Anyways this has left me feeling soo in need of a good friend.

Fast forward fjdksal;gjdsa (this is supposed to sound like fast forwarding) fjdksla;fj.

So this whole accusation was so hard on me because it reminded me of that fact that my friends have taken a turn for the worst and in it all, I'm left alone sometimes.

Fast forward to today. fhdkslagjdask (you know what it means) fjdksla;g

I feel so incredibly lucky. Nothing big and surprising has happened, I woke up, went to class, went to work, came home....and a little package appeared on my doorstep. Reminding me of the fact that the people that really matter love me more than anything, and that whether or not they're here with me now, they're always with me and will always be my best friends whether it's a hug, a letter, a shoulder to cry on, or some more nutella (hallelujah my third jar is running low) they'll always be my best friends, and for that, today I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I love you guys!

 For the person that was made happy by my tarnished reputation. You no longer have any power over me, I'm happier than ever, I've completely let you go, and it feels dang good.