Apr 18, 2011

Desire To Inspire

I'm going to be partyin' in Hawaii this next week so I decided to have a fun little project with some of my favorite bloggers while I'm away. 
 I've gotten a few questions about how I get inspired to create outfits based off of things I see and well...I can't explain it, so I thought what better way to explain it than by showing it. 
Here are the rules for Desire to Inspire; take a picture of something that has inspired you and then create an outfit based off of the inspiration.
This picture was my muse. Of course day one and I cheated, typical me, this lovely photography isn't mine, it's my talented friend Chelsy's from her photography blog. Here's the outfit I created.

Maxi: Swapped (Old Navy), Sweater: Swapped (BCBG), Blouse: TJ Maxx, Belt: Thrifted, Wedges: Thrifted

Want to participate at home? Just take a picture of something that inspires you, create an outfit based off of your picture, write a post about it this week, and shoot me an e-mail with your link and I'll feature all of your inspirations next week!


  1. I like the story :)
    and I like your outfit .. really gorgeous.
    maybe I'm gonna try, if I get an inspiration :)


  2. Those photos are absolutely beautiful!
    I love the way you wear your sweater over your maxi and blouse, then adding a belt on it. It's pretty :)

  3. Great feature and have a great time in Hawaii!!! :)

  4. I will totally do it. This sounds like an awesome project.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. OOh love this idea! Caroline and I were thinking about doing it...but with food. Cus we are such foodies. =P

    I'm super loving the floral blouse and the maxi dress. This is filed under my mind for a future outfit inspiration (once I find a maxi skirt/dress I like hehe)

    -Erin (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  6. you should probably just come to my house every morning & dress me. or every night & pick out my outfit for the next day. either one works for me.

  7. Oh, I love, love, love this look.

  8. I LOVE your outfit! Have fun in Hawaii!

  9. OH! I am totally in! I can't wait. I already have my inspiration photo.