Apr 5, 2011

Hello there....officer

Ever have such an uneventful weekend that when people ask you what you did you literally cannot remember? This was my weekend.
 Sir Matt was loaded with papers and tests which forced me to do non other than watch way too many Lifetime movies with those actresses whose talent consists of gasps and widening their eyes as the camera pans out...I know. The most eventful part I must say was when a cop stopped to watch me take these pictures. I felt like a complete and total idiot smiling for my tripod, dancing, making funny faces, however he seemed very entertained. Your welcome officer. I tried to get him in on a picture but he didn't think that was funny in the slightest. You win some you lose some.
Aside from gushing over chick movies there was actually one eventful thing! I found this chunky boyfriend watch at an antique store for $15.
 Who knew I could feel so much better about my weekend from finding an ugly old man watch. 
Eh I'll take it.
Dress: Sistered (Kohl's), Jacket: Gifted (Tilt), Watch: Antique, Boots: Vintage Thrifted, Cardigan: Thrifted


  1. you srsly look so pretty in these pictures! i love your dress and that jacket is adorable!

    <3 steffy
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  2. funny


  3. Hahah I love it! I have many weekends like this. Though I don't watch lifetime, I usually watch stupid B movies on netflix. You look lovely on your weekends! Those boots are amazing, I can't believe you thrifted those! xoxo

  4. You are too darling. Love the outfit, love the watch!

  5. these pictures are adorable! :)

  6. Love the officer story. It can be so awkward!

  7. I love your smile!!;)

  8. too bad the cop is a poor sport eh! we live about an hour north of waikiki...you're gonna have a lot of fun over there! the best shopping is all on that boardwalk right by the beach. if you can, you should definitely rent a car one day and head up the island for some great fried shrimp (giovanni's in kahuku is the best) and gorgeous beaches that are less populated. hale'iwa is a neat surfing town with great places to eat and fun little shops. i move back to canada in a month and i'm already planning to chain myself to a palm tree and go kicking and screaming. it's great here!

  9. You always have the cutest dresses!! And you thrifted that baby, the watch? I've been wanting one for so long. Too cheap to buy the popular michael kors one though!!

  10. I always get weirded out when people watch me take photos. I wish I wasn't such a chicken. You look awesome in these, and your dress is so cute.
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  11. i love this! the dress, the jacket, the ugly old man watch--it's all fabulous! you look beautiful. happy weekend indeed. :)
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like)

  12. Such fun pics...love all the patterns on that dress and how you styled it with at black jean jacket!