May 31, 2011

A Charming Little Weekend

When me and Matt got married he had no clue that he was about to get two different sets of in laws. My awesome family other awesome family, the Conners. Me and Caitlin have been best friends our whole life, whenever we were at each others houses we were just referred to as "the other daughter" by our moms, and it's been that way ever since. So this weekend I was with my "other" family. We all had so much fun this weekend. She's always been the friend that I can be exactly who I am with, and well...I happen to be a total goof.

A few things I loved about the weekend: 

1. Fitting Caitlin through an over sized frisbee
2. Flying a kite for the very first time ever
3. Falling in love with a dummy named Chicken Bill
4. Lounging at the hot springs and spotting the hairiest man that ever lived
5. Going on a train ride and getting scolded by the conductor for trying to grab the pine tree branches
6. A scenic bike ride turned speed race....I went 30 MPH and just about died doing it
7. Wearing sweats and a giant bun on my head ALL WEEKEND LONG!
8. Eating my heart out and having to take a food nap to prevent a coma (Sandy is an AWESOME COOK!)
9. Making shadow animals with a flashlight with Matt when we couldn't sleep one night
10. Snuggling up underneath the bright countryside stars and not saying a word

Thanks for such an awesome trip Conners! We love you guys!!!

May 27, 2011

Road Trip!

Blouse: F21     Jeans: TJ Maxx    Shoes: Steve Madden   Tank: Swapped

Me and Sir Matt are headed to Buena Vista Colorado for the weekend! We're going to be partying hard with some family friends at a cabin in the middle of ...nowhere...literally. I'm off to hit the road! Have an awesome Memorial day weekend everyone!

May 26, 2011

Revival Files: Dress Makover

Total Cost: $6

You.guys. I'm about to bust a fool. I don't necessarily know what bust a fool really means but it sounds completely appropriate for this situation. Here's the deal, the 411, the low down. I'm a really trusting person. I like to think the best of everyone. If someone has wronged me, I try to think that I've been misinformed before I go all crazy eyes on 'em. If a stranger came up to me and asked if they could take my firstborn to their candy shop...nah just kidding I'm not that much of an idiot. The point, I trust people.

Well the bubble has been bursted.

Yesterday in the bubble of all bubbles. Brigham Young University, the place where people breathe sunshine and rabbits poop rainbows and lollipops grow in fields, my bike was stolen. Yeah it sucks that my bike was stolen and all, but the worst part is that now I'm all suspicious of the man. Yesterday someone tried to hug me and I kicked them in the shins because I thought they were trying to lift my wallet, I saw some guy chasing another guy and I told Matt someone was being followed outside and made him go check it out. Turns out it was just a boy trying to catch up with his friend and Matt ended up looking a little odd. 
What has become of me???

I think I need to buy a kitten or perhaps befriend an elderly woman named Ruth to cure me of my suspicions. In the mean time, I made some shots of what the thief might look like, you know just take my face out of the equation and I think it should be right on the money.
So have you seen the thief?!

May 25, 2011

Magic At Dusk

I'm always mentioning my friend April, we're tight like a might say BFF's but we prefer tight like a tiger. We went to Hawaii together last month, she cooks delicious homemade things that I didn't even know could be homemade (the other day she said she could even make a homemade ding dong). She's all things domestic I will never be. We went on a little photo shoot this week. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Love how these turned out! Thanks for being my muse for the day April!

May 24, 2011


It's official! Matt got a new job! I'm so so proud of him, he's such a hard worker and always expects the best from himself and he so deserves this awesome opportunity! Just last night me and Sir Matt we're talking about how much life has changed for us in just a few years. This time two years ago me and Matt were dating and wooing each other. I pretended to be able to cook, while he pretended to love sports. He didn't have a penny to his name at the time, but was doing everything he could to save up to put a rock on my finger. I had just changed my major....again, and had absolutely no clue where I was going but I knew I wanted him to be there with me as I figured it out (and let me tell you I'm still figuring it out). Congrats babe, I'm so so proud of you and am loving every bit of our little ride of a life!

P.s. You guys are the best, after all of your sweet and supportive comments yesterday I felt completely refreshed. You are all why I love blogging so much! Thanks for the love:)

Oh also. Watch this pretty please.

May 23, 2011

It's Been A Long Time Coming

Change is a' comin'. I feel so silly having to write a post about this but I figured all of you awesome readers should be the first to know of my little epiphany. I've always had fun with this fashion blog. It's been a way to express myself, share some creative projects and of course rant about my newly married student life and all of the awesome stuff that comes with it. I never thought it would become a way to meet such awesome people and  I've made some really great friends along the way,  I can't express enough just how awesome you readers are. You're so sweet and  your thoughts have brightened many a gloomy day.

That being said. There's been something missing from this blog for a long time and I just ignored it until it hit me one day. This is my blog and it has almost NOTHING to do with what's really important to me. I love fashion and all but that's just a tiny piece of my life. I slowly began to feel like this was more of a creative trap than something I felt free with and I knew I needed to make a change.

I'm still going to include fashion, DIY and sewing projects often, but I want to be able to write about me and Matt's silly adventures, my awesome family, random thoughts I have and just my life in general. Because life is too sweet to cover it up with unending outfits when what it really comes down to is that their just possessions and don't make me what I am...AT ALL.

This is where you guys come in. I would absolutely love to have all of you guys along for the journey, if you will have me and Sir Matt that is:) If not, I completely understand and you'll be missed but my life is constantly changing and it would be silly if my blog didn't keep changing right along with me and my crazy life.

 Love always,

You Had Me At Mustache

Outfit: Blouse: Thrifted     Skirt: TJ Maxx   Shoes: Thrifted     Purse: Target (From the awesome Courtney!)

So I found an awesome little vintage inspired store and thought I'd share it with you guys if you happen to be in Utah. It's called Rocket Rebellion. Me and my girl April went there this weekend and they have some seriously fun stuff and some great vintage dresses.
Well hello Mr oversized magnetic mustache. Where have you been all my life??
 If you're in Utah you've got to check this out! Here's the address.

May 20, 2011

Proof That I Wear Pants...sometimes

 Jacket:Thrifted   Shirt:Thrifted   Jeans:Charlotte Russe    Boots:Vintage Thrifted   Bow: Katherine
 I don't have one organized bone in my body... my tibia got lost among all the phalanges and the white blood cells have been searching for him for weeks, my elbow is even hanging out with the clavical (but to be honest he's had identity issues for forever).

See I have this theory about organization, if I were organized all of the creativity would be sucked out of me.. okay so that's what I tell Matt so that I can keep my free fallin' crazy girl lifestyle. You know just in case I want to have cereal for dinner and lasagna for breakfast or something.

But before I  wrote off organization and spiraled into all recklessness I decided to give order my all. Last week I was reading my sister in laws blog, she wrote this post about how she has an organized list for cleaning so that she knows what to clean on each day. My mind just about imploded at the thought that you could actually PLAN out cleaning, the skies parted, and I solemnly vowed to change my ways. So I made a list...okay so I just copied her exact list (part of the list included cleaning a goldfish bowl, I don't have a goldfish so I also vowed to go buy one later) I went home, put the list on the fridge and then felt too exhausted from all of the thinking about organization and lists that I didn't even clean a thing...and I haven't followed the list since...or at all...I didn't even go buy a dumb fish. I planned out what his name would have been and everything, Herbie I would have called him.

There however is one thing in my life that I manage to keep organized...Sir Matt quotes. Whenever Matt says something glorious I whip out my cell phone and write down exactly what he said. I then present the evidence at a later time when we need a good laugh. Here's the latest.

I promise Matt's not racist but while we were talking to an Asian couple I kid you not these three phrases came out of his mouth, 1. "So do you do martial arts?" 2. "Is everyone named Chan in China?" 3. "Do you sunburn easy?" I promise were nice people.....but my case gets worse each day.

A personal favorite of mine from this week. "One time I was playing video games online and befriended a jewish man named Moshi. It was nice."

Never a dull moment with my man. I wuv him.

May 19, 2011

Photo Tips: Directing

I've had some questions about photography recently so I figured every once in a while I'll share a few things I've learned with you guys. 
One important thing to practice is being able to direct the people you are taking pictures of. A lot of times people don't feel comfortable unless you give them a bit of direction on what to be doing with well...themselves.  
To get more fresh spontaneous pictures think of verbs to direct them with.
Look up
Now go out there and grab a friend and direct the heck out of 'em. If you try out these tips send them my way! I'd love to see them!

P.s. Isn't this girl smokin'. We had a little photo shoot together last week and even though it was freezing cold and rainy this girl still managed to look dang hot!

May 18, 2011

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills!!

Shirt: F21, Skirt: Thrifted, Headband: Homemade, Shoes: Thrifted, Glasses: Hawaii

A simple outfit for a simple day...and also a very weird one. It's 'bout to get real up in here, real awkward.
Have you ever felt extremely painfully, heart throbbing embarrassed for someone else? Your cheeks flush, you keep turning your head to give them a clue that what they're doing is well....unusual, but they just don't.get.the.hint.

People start giving them the stink eye and you're just screaming in your head, "Please dear goodness STOP, STOP FOR THE SAKE OF MANKIND!!"

So yesterday I'm at the gym. For me, working out on a machine is torture, so to keep my sanity I watch old Glee episodes on my laptop while I run (hey don't knock it 'till you rock it). So usually in the gym I'm in my own world, singing along to some journeys song and pretending that someday I can shave Puck's stupid mohawk personally. 

But yesterday, was not another usual Glee workout day. While Sue Sylvester was cracking perm hair jokes I noticed out of the corner of my eye what looked to be someone having a seizure...while standing up. I did a quick side glance so as not to stare but then I realized this girl on an elliptical next to me was doing a full on car dance (you know waving your arms furiously because the lower half of you is busy doing something else). I must admit I car dance....but only in my car. This dance was full on head jerking, arm flailing and even included some off key headphone singing. 

So I stopped watching Glee and starting watching an even more entertaining show.

So I'm thinking, yeah I'm embarrassed for you but more power to ya sista. All of the sudden I become aware of this loud humming behind me, A humming of F minor to be exact, then I notice that no fans are going in the gym, so clearly this noise is man made. So I get a drink of water to see if maybe a hive of bees is lifting weights in the corner of the gym. Instead I find a girl who has been humming one note (F minor of course) for at least five minutes straight all the while sticking her legs in the air twitching them like a baby trying to figure out how its non cooperating limbs work.

Am I on crazy pills or something here? Please someone tell me this was just an odd day at the gym and not normal protocol because if not I may just ditch my Glee episodes and stick to people watching, it's WAY more entertaining.

May 17, 2011

My Weekend Went A Little Like This

The Pacific Festival in Provo....hey fill a place with good food and a sweet memory of Hawaii and me and Matt are there.
A walk downtown and a few picturesque discoveries
My very favorice chocolate peanut butter shake and reading the final book in  Hunger Games. Oh dear goodness are any of you guys reading these books. All I can say about it is that Gale wins my heart, that cat is nasty and loveable and Peeta is now a man and not a sandwhich bread  Yes, I'd say my afternoon was complete.

Also. Over the weekend me and Sir Matt may have quoted this video about 70 times. Watch it. Laugh about it. Quote it...and then watch episode 1 because it's just as awesome.


May 16, 2011

Revival Files: Dress Makeover

I totally realize that this dress WAS a nasty nasty sack that was probably worn by an 90 year old woman. BUT anytime I see a peter pan collar and polka dots I know there's hope and just maybe a cute summery dress somewhere in that mess of a dress.
After taking it in, a shortened hem,  shortened sleeves, an added waistband and bows my cute little summer dress appeared. 
Total cost for this cheapo? $6

May 13, 2011

I Tell You What...

I've been sewing like a maniac lately and this green skirt is one of my latest creations. It wouldn't have taken long at all had I not cut half of the fabric on the wrong side and half of it on the right side (leave it to me to make a ridiculous rookie mistake). 
I had a few nights of fury, picking seams and muttering rude comments to my to be skirt as I went. Sir Matt had to use ice cream to bribe me into happiness. 
After a few, "You don't get how frustrating this is!" and "I put so much time into this!" and then some consequent hysterical laughing after realizing how dumb I sounded, we just made an ice cream night out of the whole fiasco. 
Thank you chocolate peanut butter ice cream for saving me from my sewing demise!
Blouse: Thrifted, Vest: F21, Skirt: Homemade, Shoes: Thrifted, Belt: TJ Maxx

Here's the pattern number just in case you want to give it a go:)