Jun 6, 2011

Can You Be Cool and Have a Bald Spot at the Same Time?

Skirt: Thrifted    Blosue: Thrifted     Belt: Thrifted    Shoes: Thrifted

So me and my sisters have this quirky little habit of doing things together and then attaching the word sisterhood to it to make it sound like we all did something terribly unifying together. We all went shopping and ended up with the same shirt and what did we call it? Sisterhood shirts. We get the same food? Sister dinner. We all lose a limb? Sister nubs. You get the gist. So last month when my sisters were here we got Sister feathers. You know what I'm talking about, those terribly trendy feather extensions. I thought what the heck...for the sisterhood ANYTHING.

Well turns out that little innocent looking feather is not so sisterly and wonderful after all. It has left me with... a bald spot. I was combing my hair yesterday and that feather got tugged right out along with oh lets just the size of an infants grabby fistful of hair.

I'd show you and all but my head is healing...okay so mostly just my ego is healing. Thanks for nothing all you unifying sisterhood nouns, now give me my hair back!


  1. I can't see the shoes really, but they look amazing ... :)
    pretty colors

  2. Haha oh my goodness that definitely happened to my friend too! :( Did it at least happen on the underside of your hair so that no one can see it?!?

  3. What a cute story and a great look for you--bald spot or not!

  4. I think for most people, it would take work to be cool and bald at the same time. I'm sure it would come naturally to you. Just...don't go shaving your head or anything any time soon.

    I love that green on you and that skirt is fabulous!

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  5. Verdict: invisible-to-others bald spot is probably cooler than having that extension grow out with your hair and be really obvious . . . so yes, you made the cool choice.

    Want to come make another cool choice? I can't choose things on my own. Help?



  6. love your outfit!

  7. well you can definitely still be cool!! it's funny that you're mentioning the feathers because I went with my friend to get some this weekend.. and now that my parents have said it's fine (after minor making fun!) i'm going to get some!! what color(s) or style did you get??

  8. I love the green! And that skirt is lovely.

  9. The teal looks lovely on you, and I really like the top's detailing. Sorry about your bald spot, at least it ill grow back though.

  10. My cousin got these, but hers were too tiny to see! We just picked up a clip-in for my sissy from Urban today and I'm loving them!

  11. that color looks so great on you i love the lacey bottom :)

    <3 steffy
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  12. I love your lace skirt! It seems like everyone has a white lace skirt except me :( Still looking for that perfect one! Aww I really hope your hair grows back soon! It sounds like it was really painful.

  13. Um love your outfit... :) And dang I'm sorry it ripped out a little chunk of hair! That is unfortunate! Blasted feather hehe.

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  14. oh no! poor scalp. ouch. if it makes you feel any better...i am absolutely loving your lace skirt. bigtime. i'd probably even trade it for a bald spot. that's how much i love it.
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  15. This is the greatest thrifted outfit EVER!!!