May 18, 2011

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills!!

Shirt: F21, Skirt: Thrifted, Headband: Homemade, Shoes: Thrifted, Glasses: Hawaii

A simple outfit for a simple day...and also a very weird one. It's 'bout to get real up in here, real awkward.
Have you ever felt extremely painfully, heart throbbing embarrassed for someone else? Your cheeks flush, you keep turning your head to give them a clue that what they're doing is well....unusual, but they just don't.get.the.hint.

People start giving them the stink eye and you're just screaming in your head, "Please dear goodness STOP, STOP FOR THE SAKE OF MANKIND!!"

So yesterday I'm at the gym. For me, working out on a machine is torture, so to keep my sanity I watch old Glee episodes on my laptop while I run (hey don't knock it 'till you rock it). So usually in the gym I'm in my own world, singing along to some journeys song and pretending that someday I can shave Puck's stupid mohawk personally. 

But yesterday, was not another usual Glee workout day. While Sue Sylvester was cracking perm hair jokes I noticed out of the corner of my eye what looked to be someone having a seizure...while standing up. I did a quick side glance so as not to stare but then I realized this girl on an elliptical next to me was doing a full on car dance (you know waving your arms furiously because the lower half of you is busy doing something else). I must admit I car dance....but only in my car. This dance was full on head jerking, arm flailing and even included some off key headphone singing. 

So I stopped watching Glee and starting watching an even more entertaining show.

So I'm thinking, yeah I'm embarrassed for you but more power to ya sista. All of the sudden I become aware of this loud humming behind me, A humming of F minor to be exact, then I notice that no fans are going in the gym, so clearly this noise is man made. So I get a drink of water to see if maybe a hive of bees is lifting weights in the corner of the gym. Instead I find a girl who has been humming one note (F minor of course) for at least five minutes straight all the while sticking her legs in the air twitching them like a baby trying to figure out how its non cooperating limbs work.

Am I on crazy pills or something here? Please someone tell me this was just an odd day at the gym and not normal protocol because if not I may just ditch my Glee episodes and stick to people watching, it's WAY more entertaining.


  1. red details are cool :)
    red skirt is cool too
    and you are skinnier with every post ... but you look good

  2. it was prob just a weird day, it happens to the best of us! but your glasses are adorb :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Nope, that sounds pretty par for the course! :oP

    Love the headband and your hairdo, by the way.

    :o) Renée

  4. hahaha!!!

    its one of those days that leaves you with the crazy smile! gotta love them!!

    I love the outfit..and though simple it really fits the day..I mean it, if you add the photos to the title..Alice in Wonderland came to mind!!

  5. I love weird days like this! LOL! At least you had some entertainment. BTW, loving the outfit, but also equally important loving the ever so subtly sprinkled in Juno reference. Stink eye. That's just the way her face looks . . .

  6. Um, can I go to the gym with you? The only people watching I get are the girls in tiny shorts and know. Or maybe that's the Real Housewives I'm watching. Not sure.

    North Meets South

  7. funny, i take pills to not go crazy:)

    you look great and the gym is always full of "scary" but watchable people:)

  8. It must be weirdo time at the one lady was dancing on the treadmill, walking backwards, in tight pink shorts...oh yes, she had a mullett.
    Love your hair like that!

  9. Hey, desperate begging of favors here: I just posted about a conundrum I have with three beautiful anthro skirts. Can you help me choose, pleeeease?

  10. Ahhh. Look how amazing that scoop neck looks on you! Look at those collar bones!

    Ask the Duplex

  11. That outfit is grooovy! Love it! Skirt is fab!

    I love that you watch old Glee episodes on your laptop while you run! And... have I ever told you how absolutely hilarious you are?

  12. I love the skirt and the simple outfit. I think the headband really made me love the skirt even more with making multiple red things.

    You had quite the gym experience there.

  13. i like this outfit's lines!
    ps) i like glee but yeah, what you describe sounds 10 times funnier ;)