Jun 27, 2011

Crazy Loco!!!

Trousers: c/o Lulu's             Vest: F21                Blouse: Thrifted              Shoes: Thrifted

(So I wrote this last year, but after re-discovering it last night I realized you guys might get a kick out of it too.Enjoy!)

I was sitting there licking brownie batter off of my fingers when I realized a rather revealing and demoralizing truth. I would probably lick brownie batter off of anyone or anythings fingers. I like brownie batter that much. Then again maybe I just like doing out of the ordinary things that much. Bringing me to a dreadful story...

Me and my 4 sisters are well...CRAZY LOCO! If you get us together in a room we get this loud hispanic laugh going and we just can't control it. Needless to say we often talk about and do ridiculous things. Okay mostly I do ridiculous things while my sisters laugh at me. I would never have done any of these things if it weren't for my loud laughing and utterly insane sisters.

1. After discussing how large my tongue really is with my sister (it's like KISS on crack people) I talked about the many things I've licked with my utterly monstrosity of a tongue. My sister said and I quote," You've never licked the bottom of my left foot." To which I tackled her to the ground and immediately licked her dirt covered, nasty trash stepping on foot (Michelle has the dirtiest feet of all the sisters in the land). I immediately regretted this however because it tasted like a waste of my time.

2. Mooning my youngest (and most traumatized) sister at 5:55 on 5/05/2005. I don't want to talk about it.

3. Putting on a toddlers clown costume while my sisters chased me around the house wearing vampire capes and warewolf masks, only to end the entire fiasco with a rendition of a Moulin Rouge song sung in a very manly yet chipmunk like way.

4. Making Dance Fest 2005 music videos and encouraging my little (and most traumatized) sister to wear nothing but two flowers made of poster board. Don't deny it, we still have video footage.

5. Peeing my pants on the floor while begging my sister to stop making me laugh. Yet to my surprise she just kept dancing and telling me I was just like Molly our dog who pees on the carpet.

I think that's about enough traumatizing information you dear followers can handle for one day.

Thanks for the crazy and well.....crazy times my sisters.


  1. It sounds like your sisters have just as much fun as my sisters and I do! There is 3 of us, and whenever we are together we just laugh and laugh! Is there anything better then sister time?

  2. LOL! This post made me smile! I love that you have so much fun with your sisters! I always wanted sisters for the constant silliness that usually seems to occur...Oh, and I'm obsessed with brownie better as well....yum!

    The vest rocks my world. I'm obsessed with layering (as you can see by my link), even in the summer I layer clothes. You look great and now I want a vest like yours to add to my collection!

    Many Layers Monday

  3. Sounds like crazy loco fun! I love sister days. I have 3 sisters. 29, 22 and 5!

  4. That sounds like superb crazy loco family fun! My sister and brother and cousin and I all have moments like this one. Separate note-I love this outfit. The pants looks so comfy and perfect!

  5. OMGoshhh you're soo funny! I always wanted to have a sister.. it seems like you girls do know how to enjoy life. Family moments are forever! :D

  6. You and your sisters had much more fun than me and mine have had. I can recall a few times that we've laughed hysterically at really dumb stuff though :)

  7. I like the way you played with different fabrics and textures in this outfit.

    I only have one sister and mostly we just make each other crazy. You're very blessed to have such a good relationship with your siblings.

  8. pretty as usual

  9. I love the stories about your sisters! That's how I get when I'm with my sister.
    I love this outfit, and it was so fun to meet you at the blog party! I'm sad I didn't know how close you are and that we're moving from Provo so soon!

  10. i totally read this post the first time around and i laughed just as hard the second time!... seriously, so funny... i think we should have a crazy sisters party!!! no feet licking though, gotta draw the line somewhere {mooning is ok} you are just as freaking stunning in person, wow. it was SO fun to finally meet you!!!


  11. nothin like that crazy loco sister time! i really enjoyed this post!! you never really hear about crazy sister shantics but i go through them all the time, being the youngest of 3 sisters. &yes, we have that loud hispanic laugh that you just can't control too!

  12. mmmm brownie batter makes everyone crazy :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  13. girl: you were one of the peeps i was most excited to meet for real so imagine my delight as i pulled up to the party on Saturday only to see your pretty face first! it was so cool to meet you and you're kinda crazy gorgeous in person. like, holy moly. jealous!!

  14. Lol i have had that same tongue conversation with my best friend ( i dont have sisters ) but i did not lick her feet!!!