Jun 23, 2011

The Events That Progressed Don't Make Much Sense

Sir Matt always tells me that when I'm with my family a whole different side of me comes out....a crazy side. I do dumb things to get a laugh, I get more blunt, more annoying...more awesome what have you. Well my cousin Cheyanne (who I have called Cheynie Whiney since my mouth could utter the y syllable) came into town and so naturally we had to have a day full of adventure.

I present to you,

Sarah's How-To On How To Have a Random Yet Awesome Day

1. Have a progressive lunch (ever had one of those? Appetizer at one restaurant, main course at another and dessert at another.)
2. Make a cardinal rule that before any hungry cousins can eat they must take unattractive pictures with their food (this was the first time I have experienced extreme food pictures....I got cheese in my eyelashes and everything.)
3. Get distracted by puppies on the side of the road before you make it to dessert (hey, Matt may not let me have puppies now but he said NO SUCH THING about me befriending puppies on the side of the road)
4. Have a delicious dessert at the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo. I ask you this. Why am I so obsessed with mustaches? Who turns their sugar cookies into mustaches?? If you are one of the few...please be my friend.
5. Got to Nickelcade and ride the tiny merry go round, then win so many tickets that you can buy everyone MUSTACHES (my mustache obsession continues to worsen, help.me.)!
6. Make your husband wear a mustache too!
7. I do not plan to explain this, let your little imagination run wild and free.
8. I also cannot explain this. Once again, your free as a bird to think what you will.
9. Eat more desserts because those previous sweets just weren't enough!!!! (Cocoa Bean Cafe in Provo has rockin' cakes in cups, also sometimes known as cupcakes)
10. Bask in the glory of your awesome day.

Love you Cheynie Whiney


  1. oh the spanish man with the mustache...be still my beating heart!! you slay mee

  2. Well it definitely does sound like a super awesome day. Super amusing too. :)

  3. Haha that is so funny! Your mustache obsession reminds me of this:

  4. This post made my morning! Soooo funny! I LOVE those mustache pictures, they get progressively funnier!

  5. Bahahaha! You are the cutest thing ever...I love the photo of the uni-brow and 'stache near the bottom! You crack me up!

  6. Pretty sure your blog will forever be my favorite. Always will be.

    You make me chort. and chuckle. I googled chort to make sure it was a word and got this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chort

    Scary. Maybe you don't make me chort.
    but you do definitely make me chuckle

  7. I seriously wish we were friends. You are so fun and this looks like the best day ever. Also, I wish I was as photogenic as you...honestly, who else makes food mustaches look so good?!

  8. I too have had many a day where the randomness made it awesome. And by the by, I was reading one of your comments on another bloggers post and I am so happy to know I'm not the only person that compares the prices of things to potential thrift store hauls. I scored majorly at one of my favorite neighborhood thrift stores yesterday and to make up for it I'm doing homemade coffee and iced tea and cup-o-noodle for lunch tween now and end of the month. Food wise I'll be a little boring but I'll look fierce while doing it.


  9. This is an amazing post! :) Me and my boyfriend love the idea of a progressive lunch!x


  10. Bah ha...these pictures are too funny! Even my 2 yr old is laughing at them!


    This is hilarious!


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  12. i use my hair extensions as a mustache all the time. my man makes fun of me literally everytime. i'm like why, B, why is it so weird that i think its ridiculously fun to have a mustache? but i don't want him to have a mustache. i think he thinks im a dichotomy. :) we're friends now, just made it official


  13. I love it.

    Check out the post where I wore fake glasses with a fake nose and fake eyebrows. http://scrapandrun.blogspot.com/2011/07/photo-of-day-glasses.html

  14. Your mustache is really cure. I adore the one that uses her hair extensions as a mustache. I should try that one. http://www.hairextensions-utah.com