Jun 13, 2011

His Last Dying Wish

Let's get one thing straight. I really am not a good cook at.all. If I make something for dinner, I am hardly ever making something new. I'm more like that cafeteria lady that slops something on your plate and just hopes you'll grin and smile about whatever you get. BUT Matt was really really sick last weekend and his one and only wish when I asked him if he needed anything was a homemade peach pie (I'm pretty sure it's because we were watching Pushing Daisies episodes all weekend long) so I obliged because lets face it, his sad sick face is something I cannot say not to. I figured you guys might like the recipe too!


  1. Cute recipe cards!
    One day I'll start using cards, just like Grandma used to :)

  2. Is that photo of the pie, YOUR pie?! That looks delicious! I'm not a fan of peach pie but holy cow, that looks good!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. mmmm for someone who "cant cook" this looks pretty darn good to me :)
    <3 steffy
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  4. Where did you find that adorable receipe card??

  5. YUM! I just love peaches and I love pie so this sounds might tasty! =)


  6. Is there anything you can't perfect, Miss Midas?!
    That's pretty cute that (a) you guys were watching that show and (b)he then wanted pie and (c)you then made pie and (d) that it came out perfect.

  7. ooo thanks! I've been wanting to try a peach pie.. so this is just perfect.

    it's like you read my mind.

    creepy or awesome?

    I'll go with awesome.

  8. I'm so obsessed with that show it's ridiculous. And now I want to make some pie! That looks delicious!