Jun 14, 2011

Oh The Anxiety

Dress: Thrifted (Simply Vera)      Blouse: Thrifted     Shoes: Thrifted (Nordstrom Boutique)   Belt: TJ Maxx

So long story short back in January on a random whim I signed up for a triathalon....and the time has come. My race is this Saturday.  I've been having nightmares of me drowning in a lake, daydreams of me getting punched in the face as I doggy paddle for my life, and even rare wonderings of whether I'll get hit by a truck as I peddle my little peddlers down the highway (yeah the bike portion is on the freakin' highway).

The best part about this dang thing is that I now have bike shorts with a butt pad in them.No really it's been awesome, really spiced up me and Matt's life. Every time I'm bored I just put those on and show Matt how I can work my square poofy bike shorts to "Cyclone". We now both know that I indeed can move my body like a cyclone...even in my poofy butt shorts.

Just in case I don't make it through this thing I have willed my most important possessions
Matt: I give to you my VHS copy of The Labryinth
Michelle: You can have my stuffed animal squiggy as long as you sleep with him every night
Jen: I deem you fit of the wooden candle holder that I made in shop class in the eighth grade.
Jason: you can have/sell on ebay my laptop
Em: you can have that dumb fish that I never bought, in other words, in honor of me go buy a fish and name it Herbie.
And as for all my clothes, I desire that you scatter them throughout the arctic ocean (no real reason for that, just sounds appropriate to me)

Guys I'm in need of some serious help. Any tips for this nervous beginner?

(Oh also, there are some new items up in the shop from my closet!)


  1. I've never done one, so I have no advice. Sorry. :(

    I will say that you look beautiful! I love the layering and those shoes!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. You'll do great!
    I love Labryinth!=)

  3. Holy Smokes! I'm excited for you! No matter what happens DON'T GIVE UP, like Nike--Just DO IT. I did my first sprint distance triathlon a few years ago. I was a ball of nerves. I knew I wasn't the strongest swimmer so I just stayed back and let the "athletes" go ahead of me. I also feared getting kicked in the face. The swim was definitely the most challenging for me. I found myself doing the backstroke for most of it. I talked myself out of quiting like a million times as I gazed into the sky praying for the strength to make it. I wasn't the first one...I wasn't the last one...and I made it! Just as you will to. It will be a great accomplishment and you will love the feeling of overcoming the fear. All you have to do is "tri". ;) Good luck.

  4. woo hoo! how exciting! i've done one for the past two summers but i'm seriously lacking motivation to get going on one this summer. maybe seeing your success will help get me moving!
    here's the link to some posts i wrote about what helped me with my tris: sincerelyfreya.blogspot.com

    hope my tips help! good luck saturday!

  5. The only advice I can give is that you should be thinking "The hardest part, all that training, is behind me. THIS is the fun part!" instead of the mentality a lot of people have which is that the actual race is the hardest part.

  6. Well I've never done one...but YOU CAN DO IT!!! if i lived closer Lilly and I would totally be cheering you on!! the fact that you'll be doing one, it's inspiring not everyone can commit to finish or even start a triathlon. Good luck. xo

  7. Cute dress, I like it a lot!

    As for the triathalon... I've never done one, but I was a runner and a swimmer in high school. I think that the most important thing to remember is that it's just mind over matter... I know that everyone always says that, but really, it's true. Just believe that you can do it, and you will do fine :)

  8. GOOD LUCK with your triathlon.
    I've never done one before but I've done a number of 10km runs. The best advice with anything is a positive mindset so just go into with good thoughts and telling yourself you can do it, cause you can!

    BTW those shoes are amazing.

  9. I haven't done a triathlon, I've done a few half-marathons, but my mom has done Ironman three times and is pretty super awesome at kicking my butt at all things health and fitness. My advice, channelled from her, is to definitely stay positive (easier said than done sometimes!) and don't start too fast. I like to set small goals for myself...like if I'm feeling like a need a break, give myself to the next tree or street or whatever before I walk. And usually, by the time I get there, I just want to keep pushing through to the next street. Small goals often seem more achievable than big ones and by the time you accomplish all your small goals, you'll be done the triathlon! GOOD LUCK!!!

  10. I've done a ton of races and I'm nervous each and every time. There are many reasons not to be nervous but you will continue to be. Have fun and good luck. Don't forget you have to tell us about it.

    The rest days prior to a race are my favorite part.

  11. Love the blue and white and black! How cute are you!

  12. good luck with the triathlon! love your dress :)

    <3 steffy
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  13. Good luck, you'll be proud of yourself no matter what:) The butt pads would make me laugh too!
    Love the color of blue in this dress. Gorgeous!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  14. First of all you look adorable.
    and second gooooood luck with the triathalon!
    Just go at your own pace and you can totally do it :)