Jun 22, 2011

Will You Accept This Rose?

Jeans: Thrifted (F21)     Blouse: Thrifted (Kohl's)     Sweater: H&M    Shoes? Who needs em

I feel like all of the producers of ABC, NBC, Fox (you know the works) are just playing one big joke on all of us. They must be laughing their butts off saying, man we're getting millions of people to watch shows....ABOUT NOTHING!!! I keep seeing all of these previews for summer shows and know in my heart of hearts that they will be absolutely, hair pulling, browse on your computer so you don't have to REALLY watch the show boring.

Para exemple:

Wipeout- was cool for .2 seconds until I realized every episode is exactly the same (and que man flying across red bouncy balls and falling in the water)

America's Got Talent- Might be good if America actually did have talent. Instead I'm forced to watch episode after episodes of  grown men..sometimes named Alaska do a little head bob dance in high heels and bell bottoms. Please click on this link of him, I know you're interested.

But one show in particular has hoodwinked me. I thought it was interesting, watched it, and then realized i've been watching a show of EPIC NOTHINGNESS (produced very carefully of course to make it appear as if things are happening) What show is this you wonder?

non other than...The Bachelorette

Let me sum up this season real quick for ya.

Hi I'm Ashley the Bachelorette.
I don't like any of the boys on the show.
Except Bentley, I knew him for half a day on the show and then he left (...dot dot dot) and now I just CANNOT seem to get over him. I talk about him, think about him, Facebook stalk him, sit outside his window at night, spray my perfume on his pillow before he goes to bed you know the works.
Did I mention I don't like any boys on the show and that I just cannot get over the dream boat Bentley. Did I mention Bentley is a dream boat!!!????
Did I also mention that when I talk I add an extra valley girl aaayyyaa to the end of my words. I think it sounds cute. Do you think it's cute. Do you think Bentley's cute. Yeah me too.

And scene.

Yeah that's really it. THE WHOLE SEASON THUS FAR.

Talk to me girls, are any of you watching The Bachelorette? What do you think?


  1. Ashley's an IDIOT! Seriously... come on! PS- your outfit is adorable! I really need to go thrifting with you :)

  2. This is great! I haven't been watching The Bachelorette, I just can't seem to do it. But I have been getting my Bachelorette gossip from this free bird blog and it's priceless! She pretty much sums it up just like you...which makes me feel like I'm not missing much!

    PS Wipeout? It may be the exact same every show (yes, boring!) but I still can't help but laugh when people go flying through the air or fall wildly. It still gets me!

  3. hahaha I cannot stand that show, its the worst thing ever!

  4. SO FUNNY! i can't stop laughing at how perfectly true this is. after living in a house with 5 girls a few years back, i got conned into watching every season since Jake! it is a torturous addiction. you just keep waiting for something great to happen! next week looks perfect though - everything she's had coming!! :)

  5. I try not to watch it...but I keep getting sucked in! It's AWFUL!!!

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  6. i would rather get chinese waterboard tortured then watch the bachelorette. the only summer TV i'm excited about is the new season of mad men! don draper really knows how to pull on those wretched heart strings!

  7. This is hilarious!! And you are completely right about all these shows. Gah..the Bachelorette. I've only watched like 2 shows but I thought it was kind of dumb. And just the other day I was walking through the store and every. single. magazine. had a picture of Ashley on it with stuff about Bentley. Ridiculous! I can't believe a girl got famous over that and I can't believe she's not giving any of the other guys a chance...I have to say that they're all pretty gorgeous. Anyways, sorry for my rant. But this was just too perfect. :)

  8. Yeah...that is why we just watch old movies on Netflix. I never understood the appeal to the Bachelorette.

  9. I so agree. I am just not cut out for "reality" tv. Or the inevitable magazine covers that follow. Noooope, it just makes me want to smack smack some sense into 'em.

  10. I used to watch the bachelor/bachelorette until someone informed me of something that made the show unappealing to me. (email me when you want to stop watching to show! lol)

    Actually watched Wipe Out last night and it was pretty funny... the people are what get me. That "Dazed and confused" gal was a trip! BUT the show after (101 ways to leave a game show) that was TERRIBLE! HORRIBLE! Be advised - tune out!

    But I love TV! I'm a reality HOE! Even my fiance watches the real housewives with me! I can't help it!

  11. OMgoshhh!! Ashley's an idiot! seriously she's wasting all the guys' time..or maybe she just wants to be there so she can have fun in Hong Kong..anyways you're totally right, everything else is the same thing..boring...

    Love your colorful outfit though!

  12. I was seriously laughing out loud at this post! So so funny! I completely agree with you about the show. You knew the guy for a week and you're so heartbroken! If only she could have seen the interview footage then... oh boy!

  13. i've been forcing myself to watch the bachelorette b/c all my friends do...peer pressure is a fickle whore.
    anyway, i totally have a dress that i thrifted and it needs some magic...and since it only cost me a mere $2, i was thinking i'd send it to you and you could work your magic on it...and keep it... i don't want it back, it would be like an awesome bonus b/c your such a seamstress genius. email me.

  14. First of all, your shirt is gorgeous! Secondly, I don't watch the Bachelorette but I have heard CRAZY things about this season. Makes me feel a little tempted to start watching! And thirdly, I'm hosting my very first giveaway this week! I know you've had luck with those in the past. Hope you'll check it out!


  15. I watched the last Bachlorette and that was mildly interesting. But this season, ugh. I think if she had some of her girlfriends there, they can knock some sense into her. Like how this article states: http://www.tressugar.com/Bachelorette-Ashley-Hebert-17957432

  16. I LOVE this colorful outfit! It looks so cute on you.

    As for the Bachelorette... I watch it occasionally. It kinda grosses me out though that one person is constantly hooking up with 10 different people in just a couple days...

    But the part that makes my family laugh the hardest is when that guy comes out at the rose ceremony and says "Only one rose remains..." Thank you, Captain Obvious! :P

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  17. hate to be one of those creepy blog-stalkers who decides we're kindred spirits (ala Anne of Green Gables), but I stalked my way onto your blog and think we're kindred spirits. thrifting, bachelorette, blogging-- oh ya that's every girl at BYU. But still. let's be friends.

  18. hahahhhahahah. I love that you watch this. I think this is more peoples guilty pleasure than they would care to admit!

  19. i somehow find myself hooked on the bachelorette...it's my guilty pleasure...but it's kind of like a trainwreck. can't watch, can't not watch. seriously, i have no idea what she sees in bentley, sheesh.

    caroline - pictures & words

  20. Well.. I will admit I am hooked to the Bachelorette, I eat that stuff up... I just find it so interesting to watch people interact in such a bizarre situation. I think it`s a good case study on human interactions but I will also say I love the drama.... I HATE Bentley and honestly I feel bad for Ashley, he was really sweet to her face. Also your outfit is way cute and yes. Thats all :)



  21. I know I'm late to the party on this post but I'M SO GLAD SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME IS HAVING THIS REACTION. I too got hoodwinked into watching and now I can't stop. Let's not forget how completely awful Bentley was in all his interviews. Then she felt compelled to tell the rest of the guys they're basically just her second picks, because Bentley was sooo great?

    Er, okay. I'm done venting my Bachelorette frustrations, haha!

  22. I knew who you meant from America's Got Talent w/o watching the link.

    Watch Suits on USA. It's a new show and 2 episodes so far and mighty good in my opinion.