Jul 20, 2011

As of Late

Lately my life has had quite a bit of magic in it. Want to see?
I get to park next to upstanding citizens like these.

 Sir Matt's world is not only filled with dreams of snow cones....but there are real ones too!
Never ending piles of Twilight at the thrift store....come on we all knew this day was coming.
 I managed to organize one blasted thing in my apartment. Q-tip holder...check!
What could possibly be more magical than a mother duck leading her 'lil ones around campus all day. I think she was trying to convince them of the need for a higher education ...because one really can't start prepping for school too soon can they?

 I held a puppy. And it was unto a ball of cotton on a fluffy bed of hopes and dreams.
 I get to park my bike next to this stud every morning. It had a harry potter flag on the back of it. Need I explain why I choose to park by it every.single.day.?
 Mint green nail polish! And also, Matt is weird.
 A summer date night spent at squaw peak making fun of all the googly eyed couples and betting on if we would see someone get proposed to.
Eating J-Dawgs underneath the shade of this oh so courteous tree.

So you see, is magic not just filling the air this fine summer?
Tell me about some summer magic of yours won't you?


  1. i thought i ate a magical burrito last night.

    turns out my stomach thought otherwise.

  2. was that car photo taken at the ELC? if so, give em a break. They're all from other countries and it's the only place on campus that actually has empty spaces. I always park a little crazy just to fit in. If it wasn't taken at the ELC, ignore all this and pee on that car!

  3. really you make me smile everyday when i read your posts....i think these funny thoughts a lot, i just forget to take pictures and post them...soo i love your blog!

  4. We were at a laundromat once and some lady in a big SUV decided to park somewhat like that...taking over half of 2 parking spaces. Clay decided to teach her a lesson and still fit our car into the space she was invading. Long story short, she couldn't get into her car and got really mad and called the cops on us. Don't worry, it turned out okay for us. She was crazy!

    Oh, and please. We all know what you were doing at Squaw Peak!

  5. This all does indeed sound very magical. The park job in the first picture took some pure talent!!

  6. Brittany: ha ha oh man Clay so would do that. So did you guys have to run from the cops or what?! Oh don't even act like you crazy kids don't rediscover your make out days up on Squaw Peak. I just wonder if poor Maelia has to sit through it:)

  7. i love this post! your pictures are so great! the twilight thing is hilarious. and same with squaw peak. i went up there the other day...i couldn't believe how many people were up there! cute blog

  8. hehehe. I liked this post too. And yes we all most definitely knew all those twilight books were gonna end up at the thrift store :)

  9. I legitamitely have something magical for you.
    I'm not sure if you live in Provo or not (for some reason I seem to think you do), but if you do, or if you're in Utah county at all, GO TO SNOASIS IN ALPINE.
    I'm not kidding.
    It's right by the Alpine Art Center and the gas station by the roundabout. You really must go.
    Heaven isn't as far as you thought...

  10. Great magic! Especially the parking and the twilight books. Too awesome! Summer magic here is yummy ice cream, baking in the morning to keep the apartment cool at night, and a night cool enough to use covers!

  11. hahahaha that parking job is classic. otter pops have made my summer magical.

  12. What a fantastic post! You never disappoint, Sarah!

  13. My husband loves J Dawgs! I haven't been yet...but maybe I will go soon.

  14. I copied your idea, hope that's okay. You can go read the summer magic on my blog. :)

  15. worst parking job. ever. i really have never seen worse. please get that puppy so that when my future boyfriend and i [who will definitely not be as funny as you & matt] come party with you we can party with the cutest puppy ever too. summer magic is everywhere for you. jealous i am.

  16. Emily: Matt will so love you for finding him a new snow cone place to hunt down!
    Jessie: go.to.jdawgs. It is pure bliss.
    Kylee: Okay so don't tell (who am I kidding tell everyone!) me and Matt are looking for puppies right now! We're hoping to find one by the end of August. So you and your future boyfriend better get down here and hand out with us and our adorable future puppy!

  17. HAHAHAHA! All the Twilight books!

    I want to do the same with my (mostly unread) Twilight saga. But alas! It was a Christmas present from The Hubs (who knows I think those books are awfully written) and número dos: they are in Spanish because I wanted to have books in Spanish. So I'm kinda stuck with them.

    Love to see the world through your Polaroid!


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots