Jul 27, 2011

The Brown Sac of Doom

Dress: Thrifted         Cardi: H&M            Shoes: Target ($4!)       Belt: Thrifted
Do you ever have a crappy day over the tiniest thing ever.
I my friends...am a chump.
I am sad to report that yesterday I.was.one.of.those.people.

The story really begins a few years back.
Me and Matt were making some tough decisions, I mean life altering. Interior design decisions.

We were at The Bed The Bath and The Beyond
The conversation went something like this.

Me "What kind of color scheme do you want our bedroom to have?"
Sir Matt: "I dunno...oh my gosh look how huge those martini glasses are. I've always wanted to have fancy glasses. Let's buy them!"
Me: "I like red,black and white!"
Sir Matt "I'd make pina coladas every day of my life if we had those glasses!" 
Me: "ooh I love this one! Simple and chic. Let's get this comforter!"
Sir Matt: "No that's girly, I don't want a girly bedroom."
Me: "But now you have a girl in your bedroom..."
Sir Matt: "I like this brown one...ooh and it's way cheaper than the one you like."
Me: "That's because it's uglier than mine...and frumpy."
Sir Matt: " Come on it's sixty percent off!"
Me: "And there is a reason for that...its poopy."
Sir Matt: "You can pick the dishes AND get the damask shower curtain if we can get this comforter. PLUS, it'll save us money."
Me: "Buuuhhhh this whole compromising in marriage thing is not fun....guuuhhhhh okay."

And since this dark and dreary day I have had the poopiest comforter of all comforters, and every day that I see that terrible thing I loathe it more each day. I've considered "accidentally" slipping on it and possibly ripping it...but that thing is ford tough. I once even "accidentally" dropped my breakfast burrito on it, but Matt was to frugal to let a burrito make him buy a new comforter

So I have been trying to convince Matt to let me get a new comforter (the simple and chic kind if you must know) and he agreed AS LONG AS it was not expensive, and by not expensive he's talking thirty bucks not expensive. Most people get shirts for 30 smackaroos people.

So I've been on a mission to find the perfect comforter for thirty bucks ever since (impossible right??)

So imagine my complete and utter glee when my friend texts me about a really nice, brand new, down comforter on Amazon that is 90% off and only $16. I 'bout imploded with joy. I ordered that thing as fast as I could and then relished in the thought of sleeping in  my fluffy, bright, simple comforter, you know something that doesn't look like a skid mark on a baby diaper.

And then an hour later I got an e-mail that the item was sold out and that Amazon let me buy an item that didn't exist. 

People.People. I about cried. I slumped over in sadness knowing that my days with my poopy blanket of doom had many days yet to taunt me in its ugliness.

And then I had a crappy day because of a dang comforter.

the end.

I'm about as pitiful as they come.

So before I get back in my thoughts of that blanket o' terror. Could you tell me something silly that you had a bad day over once? Maybe just to cheer me up? Tank you tank you.


  1. great dress ... :)
    cool combo this stripes and yellow

  2. ohhh bad days, they come in all forms. The worst is when something little goes wrong in the morning, like a sandal strap breaking or something, and then I'm a grump for the rest of the day. Hey, it happens to the best of us!

    PS love your bumble bee chic :)

  3. Could you buy a duvet cover for the poopy comforter? Of course, those can be pricy too- but I would look. I am easily railroaded into a crappy day so I can't fault you at all. On the up side you look cute!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    July giveaway

  4. can you just get a really cute duvet cover?? then you both win, but your win is the only visible one :)

    i hope you have a way better day! i'm thinking greenish.

  5. You could always get a wonderful duvet cover in whatever pattern or color you wish to cover this poopy blanket of doom. Or if you can't find one in your price zone, try sewing two larger flat sheets together and make your own! I bought a leopard print duvet to cover my bland tan comforter, and love it! Good luck! I am sure you will figure something out!

  6. Hot dogs.

    Once upon a time, I was pregnant with child number 3. I was also engaged in giving a massive pirate birthday party for child number 1. At the same time, I was also in charge of super saturday the very next day (which is the devil on earth. If anyone ever asks you to be in charge of one, you threaten to go inactive before you say yes. Trust me.)

    Anyway, so I just had to set up all the stresses and emotional factors involved. I had planned to make "pirate ships" out of these hot dogs to feed the kids. Long toothpick and cheese square for the sail, can you see it? Anyway, it the weather freakishly turned bad (we lived in TX) so we couldn't have the party outside as planned. I had soooooo many kids inside my small house and the party wasn't able to go as planned and I had worked SUPER hard on that thing... anyway, I ended up deciding to bag the whole hot dog thing. But then I was left with 18 packages of disgusting hot dogs. Yikes. So as people were leaving, I was trying to foist hot dogs on them. One person accepted. I sent her with the hot dogs, closed the door exhaustedly then tried to figure out what I was going to feed my own family. Uh, I guess hot dogs, right? Well, knowing that I might have to eat hot dogs, I had planned ahead and splurged on ONE package of Angus beef dogs. ONE package of like nice, quality meat hot dogs. I had planned to selfishly eat nice hot dogs while my family ate gross ones. Because they don't care and I'm like that. BUT it turns out that I accidentally grabbed THAT ONE package to give away. Yes, out of 18 packages of hot dogs, I grabbed the ONE nice (expensive) one and sent it away.

    I wept BITTER BITTER tears that day. The world conspired against me that day and I lost.

    I would have felt real sad about the comforter, too. Ikea?

  7. So it looks like I already posted the longest comment, so I should be ashamed to show my face again, but I just happened to run across this little thing... here:


  8. hahahaha! How can you ever have a bad day with funny stories like these? :P

    I love your outfit, that dress looks amazing on you!

  9. have you tried Ross or those brand name discount stores I've seen cool comforter there all the time for 16 bucks !!!

    your bad days might be over

  10. I'm seconding the duvet cover idea. I bought mine, a fun orange and white print at IKEA. You can get them online from IKEA and they're not too pricey! They have prints that are more "neutral" but could still have the touch of feminine that you like! I think mine was $20.

  11. It all started with dark blue nail polish and french manicure strips. I painted all my nails and waited patiently for them to dry. After many moment put the manicure strips on only for it to rip my perfect nail polish off. I was mad all day and had blue hands most of the day..lol

    Cute dress and love the pops of yellow especially those shoes!

  12. I had a bad day once because I had a dream that Harris was still in love with his old girlfriend from high school. I woke up mad at him, poor chap.

  13. 9:55 pm in disneyland. walking towards my all time favorite ride, space mountain. we hear a disneyland worker shout that the rides closes at ten. five minutes to go and i book it. weave in and out of people, jump in front of strollers and somehow make it in time. run up the front with the plan of being a single rider which means i get to walk right up to the front. turns out they don't allow single riders on that ride. which means you have to stand in the massively long line. the line that is 85 minutes long. so i chose to walk away and let it ruin my night. really ruin my night though. i was super upset, in the happiest place on earth. i'm such a drama queen.

  14. i KNOW i have had a moment just like this....something simple, stupid, and little has just RUINED my day and put mean in a baaaad mood! i honestly can't think of an example at this moment, but this is totally me. no worries, it's ok be have days like this, and i'm sure you'll find the comforter of your dreams!

    later daysss,

  15. What if you were just like "Oops, I accidentally dropped bleach all over the comforter so I had to dye it and now it's magically cute!

    Also, once I had a terrible day because I was in a fight with my boyfriend for an entire weekend. Then the night before the biggest exam of my masters program, he called me at 11 p.m. to come pick him up across town. When I found him he was drunk, had lost his shoes and found a harmonica. I was so pissed. Now it's funny (3 years later)

  16. The glimpses into your life are kind of like a glimpse into the near future of my life! Scott's & my conversations are just as... random. We're going shopping for a new comforter tomorrow, so I'll have to remember not to compromise!

  17. You have an awesome blog and great style...I also love that your not "model size" and you show that you can be just as fashionable as everyone else. Keep up the good work.
    Please check out my blog and follow if you like. :-)

  18. Cute as always.

    Check out Ross and TJ Maxx for comforters. I just got one at Ross this weekend with shams and bedskirt for $25.

  19. My "bad days" usually have to do with the fact that I didn't have time to do something or another. And that something or another is usually pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Ah, such is live. On the plus side, I'm digging the maxi dress, girl!

  20. i hate when stores do that! i bought all my books from barnes and noble this year, and half of them i got emails saying that they no longer had them. then why did you let me buy then, mr. barnes? hm, mr. noble?

  21. I would have been super disappointed too! Everything happens for a reason though and your dream comforter is probably just a jump and a skip away! I usually buy my comforters from ROSS and I hear Anna's Linens has some pretty comfy comforters at married students prices.

    GREAT dress! I can't believe that's thrifted. Some thrift stores in Cali are getting way too popular (thanks to blogs like yours) and the price setting people are catching on! argh!

  22. I went on a double date to Niagara Falls and saw a Dippin' Dots station. I was SOOOO excited. My boyfriend kept saying later and finally, when we got to go back, it was closed. I cried.

  23. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll definitely hit up Ross and TJ Maxx and see what they have. I wish Provo had a Home Goods, they always have the best stuff. I also saw a tutorial about making a duvet so maybe I'll give that a try. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one that gets all butt hurt over tiny things. You guys are the best!

  24. Sarah, I stumbled upon your blog, and I'm so happy to have!!

    You're beyond hilarious, great ideas AND you refashion!!!

    Keep up the good work, I'm your newest follower!

  25. Hey Sarah... I've been secretly stalking your blog quite awhile, you're amazing! & Pretty too! :)
    But the main point i was trying to make was... Target has comforters on clearance right now in the Houston area- so maybe they are on sale in your area too! :) Really cute ones for like less than $30! and if you wanted a duvet instead, they're like less than $15! sooo... check it out!
    that's it... have a good weekend! :D