Jul 6, 2011

The Case of The Disappearing Wife

 Blouse: Target           Blazer: Yesstyle      Jeggings: Charlotte Russe       Pin: Homemade

The evidence is presented as such

10:00 Husband pulls into the driveway
10:00 Wife puts headphones in ears and progresses to crank up 'dat music
10:01 Wife leaves the house via bicycle without seeming to notice husband
10:02 Husband begins to chase after wife down the street via his chevro-legs
10:02 Wife seems to not hear a thing
10:02 Husband begins to yell, "Hey HEY HEY SARAH!"
10:03 Wife thinks to herself, "This music is rockin, I like my taste in music. Yes, yes I do.'"
10:04 Husband begins to wave his hands, "HEY SWEETIE, MY SWEETIE PIE, MY LOVE.......I LOVE YOU."
10:04 Wife contemplates how she is grateful for her bike shorts underneath her dress that is blowing in the wind.
10:05 Husband begins to attempt to whistle....only to find that in intense situations such as this he can only muster up some spit filled empty "woooooothhthttthh".
10:05 Wife thinks about how awesome her hair feels in the wind.
10:05 Husband looks around hoping nobody saw that embarrassing display and then trying to cover up his unease yells, "Okay I'll just see you at home then."
10:06 Wife turns corner....apparently never to be seen again
10:06 Husband sheepishly retreats to his home...no confidence seems to be present at this time.

Help us solve this controversial mystery of the disappearing wife. Was the wife purposefully ignoring the husband so that he would make a fool of himself? Was this possibly the best thing that has occurred in this quiet neighborhood all month? But most important, should this wife be sorry?

Won't you tell us please??

(P.S. I did a little guest post over at Ana's blog this week. Go check it out!)


  1. Well it's certainly one of the best things I've READ in a while, so it only stands to reason that it's one of the best things to happen in your neighborhood. Heh.

    I do have to tell you that I love your mixed stripes and the purple with the gold flower!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. OMG Sarah this is sooo funny! I can totally picture this too hahahaha!

  3. Haha this was too dfunny! You are so cute! I love the flower!

  4. your story is so funny! and no i don't think the wife should be sorry, it unintentional, but she should still make it up to the husband!..just saying. :D

  5. I can always trust your blog to crack a smile on my face!

  6. hahaha!!! I just love this so stinkin much!! Riding off on a bike while husband whistles at you...then walks away awkwardly. perfect!

  7. I wish I had been there to witness this because it was surely even funnier than picturing it in my head. Haha...like a scene from a movie!

  8. That is so funny. Seems oddly familiar but not with a bicycle.

  9. hahaha! this is the best thing i have ever heard!! haha. i dont think its the wifes fault because she didnt know what was going on! haha anyways this just made me laugh...really hard.

  10. I totally do stuff like this all the time. Or even worse, my husband tells me something, I respond without knowing, and then get mad that he didn't tell me anything. Woe is me!

  11. gorgeous mix of colors and patterns


    haha wife's thoughts are too funny!

  12. hahaha that is so funny!
    I'm enjoying your blog a lot!!! :D

  13. Haha I love your innocence in this scenario!
    Love, Leigh

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  15. wife could be sorry that husband felt badly and was embarrassed, which is different from being sorry for intentional hurt. wife could offer (with no intention of following through)to go house to house to tell neighbors how much she loves husband. or maybe just strolling down the street hand-in-hand would suffice.