Jul 19, 2011


Trouser: c/o Lulu's    Shirt: Target    Necklace: F21 & Ebay    Watch: Charming Charlies     Shoes: Aero

Me and Matt were invited to a barbie-que (I like to keep you on your toes with my spelling). Now any other couple might have thrown together some peperoniitialiandressingpastasalad but me and Matt....we were determined to impress. So we both deemed homemade sweet potatoe fries and fry sauce as sufficient for our buds of taste.

Matt was in the kitchen chopping sweet potatoes when this little diddy went down.

Sir Matt: "Sweetie, today I was day dreaming about being the coolest couple on the block, and having way too many parties that we're invited to, like you know, they'll have to invite us in advance because they know we're so popular. They'll say, Matt & Sarah, won't you please come to our party."

Me (too wrapped up in watching the glee project to pay attention): Ahh I just can't wait for that tiny kid to go home already. He annoys me soooo much!

Sir Matt: "That's just the life of a star. One day you shine, and the next day you blow up. You know?"

Me (head jerking up from behind my lap top to see if he really just said what I think he said): "Sorry are we talking about the same thing."

Sir Matt: "Yes."

Me: "Well then....I think you're funny."

Sir Matt: "Well yeah, that's why I said it. Because I knew that the second it came out of my awesome mouth that it would be hilarious."

Me: "Okay you're not that funny."


Sir Matt: "Watch it girl, you don't know who you're working with."
(and then like nothing ever happened he resumes to his sweet potato fry cutting)

So here's the thing. The sweet potato fries were unto a magestic chorus of angels...but while eating those tasty little devils it dawned on me. Matt has probably seen the conversations I'm writing on here. Is he feeding me good and juicy conversations just because he knows they'll make it on the 'ol blog and entertain all of you? I mean usually we do say ridiculous things to each other but I just can seem to keep up with all of the dumb stuff we say to each other lately.

So what do I do peeps? Call his bluff? Refuse to write another crazy conversation of ours? or just keep writing this stuff down? 
You make the call my friends.


  1. Haha...to be a fly on your walls! You guys sound like a blast. I say keep posting ridiculous conversations, because your readers love it! And also, that outfit is A-mazing.

  2. Keep writing please! If he IS being stealthy, it's entertainment gold!

  3. The convos between the two of you keep me entertained incessantly. Please don't stop. I love this outfit. The stripes and the trousers are sensational.

  4. Keep writing these conversation would work well as Saturday Night Live skits. You'll be the funny couple..lol

    Cute outfit and I love your necklaces.

  5. hahaha. i love these conversations the most

  6. ummm... Keep writing please! I love it so much. Also can I say you look absolutely GORGEOUS in these pictures?! because you do!!

    keep being classy my friend.

  7. your hair looks fab in that braid. and if you and matt are as hilariously awesome as your conversations depict then i better get me a boyfriend, move to provo and find a way to 'bump' into you guys so we can become best friends.

  8. Kylee hello just move here already with your hot to be boyfriend. If you guys are funnier than us though we might just have to cut you from the friendship, we feel threatened by people that are funnier than us....

  9. awesome pants :)
    lovely necklace :)

  10. Definitely, definitely, keep writing them down. :)

    I adore this outfit on you! The mixed neutrals, the pants, the stripes, the necklace, everything! Gorgeous.

    And I love the Glee Project! I'm glad someone else does!

  11. Love those pants. Want some myself...
    Also, I'm really annoyed with the short guy on the Glee Project myself!! He was kinda cool at first, but then he does that provocative dance move, and ripped off his shirt while performing for the producers. Ugh. He needs to go.
    I hope Matt doesn't stop saying ridiculous things if you call him out on it.

  12. i love your top!!
    kiss from prague
    you can check my blog too if you find some time:)
    have a wonderful day

  13. You look adorable! And I love reading your conversations :) Reminds me of me and my husband.

  14. Keep writing the extremely entertaining conversations! Please O Please! You're one of the few blogs I ACTUALLY read. Love the outfit.

  15. Keep up the convos but call him out anyway, just to see what he says:)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  16. I love the glee project! And I couldn't agree with you more, the tiny dude does need to go home.

  17. you definitely need to keep writing this stuff down...if only to amuse the masses! Love your stripes today!!

  18. Keep writing. I read your blog almost everyday, I think its freakin hilarious :)

  19. Post post post. Undoubtedly.