Jul 15, 2011

Revival Files: About a bird...and my bizarre husband

Total Cost = $3.50

Me and Sir Matt's conversations have been pure gold lately.
Para exemple.

Sir Matt: "Did you see that bird at our house this morning."
Sir Matt: Yeah he was stuck in the window sill."
Me: "No I didn't even notice. I'll check to see if he's there when I get home from work."
Sir Matt: "Do you think we can keep him?"
Me: "Yesss! Let's nurse him back to health and make him a McCammon, do you think he would mind an Irish last name?"
Sir Matt: "No. Sweetie, he's just a caged little soul waiting to be set free, I can tell."
Sir Matt: "He's just like me. You know I'm a caged little soul too??"
Me: "Oh is that so. What do you need to be set free."
Sir Matt: "I need to be set free in....in....IN A NUDIST COLONY!"
Sir Matt: "Hey wouldn't that be fun to have a completely nude camp out sometime?"
Me: "I would really like to take a trip inside your mind and see how you get from one thought to the other."
Sir Matt: "Man that would be the best."
Sir Matt: "Anyways make sure our little bird friend is safe when you get home okay."
Me: "You are so weird. K bye."


  1. I love the refashion! It looks great!

  2. Amazing dress! I wish I had your talent!!x

  3. Love the refashion and I wish I could go in my husbands head sometimes too! Lol

  4. so what's the end of the story...did you ever find the bird? or did matt relocate to be as naked as a jay-bird?

  5. You are such a talented little seamstress. Also, I'm pretty sure that you and Sir Matt could have your own reality show. Just sayin'.

  6. You guys are hilarious lol.

    I LOVE what you did with that dress. You have skills like woah!

  7. Awesomeness. Gotta love those random conversations!

    So I'm gonna need you to come to Omaha and teach me how to sew. Mkay thanks bye.


  8. Isn't it great how much a belt can make the outfit rockin'?!?

  9. Please please please take me thrifting with you! I never find anything this cute or can think of cuteness to do with things.

  10. Ok, your blog is steadily turning into my favorite. Seriously. I LOVE reading it. You are hilarous! And I love the conversations you have with your hubby. Mine go about the same with mine haha. I think you are super talented though! I am always amazed at how your revivals turn out. Keep it up!

  11. Sara: So I went home and the bird disappeared. Which I suppose is good but really selfish on the birds part because I had definitely already come up with a name for him at work. I was thinking Kurt would be an appropriate name for a trapped in our window sill. No???
    FranniePantz: Ooh I like it. A reality show. What shall we call it?!
    Alana: I've never been to Omaha before. All the more reason for us to party!!!
    Liz: Shux you're making me blush. Keep that talk up and you might just start getting paid for the compliments!

  12. youre always stunning! i loveee revival files!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  13. Absolutely Hilarious! Great dress recon! How do you find the time? I am so lazy its unbelievable. I have a huge plastic container full of Recon stuff and I have yet to get to it. I must start!

  14. I just found your blog via modlychic!! Love it and now a new follower! :o)

    xo, sam


  15. LOL How I enojy reading your conversations with Sir Matt! So hilarious.. I'm loving this particular DIY dress.. it turned out just perfect

  16. How do you work your magic on these dresses? It is amazing! I need to learn some sewing skills!

    (b/c this needed one more exclamation point)


  17. Your blog is becoming a must-read for me!! Thank you for sharing your hilarious stories and beautifully refashioned frocks!

  18. How cute is your blog! And your outfits?! I love the remade dresses! I'm your newest follower:)
    I think I'm going to takea trip to the DI on the morrow!