Jul 7, 2011

Revival Files: Reupholstery

This little beauty came from my very favorite....a Colorado thrift store.
I loved every second of Colorado...ah but where to start of how my little solo road trip came about.

I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any (no?).

Thursday night I was on the phone with my mom every twenty minutes. 

The dope: "Mom I don't think I'm coming, it just doesn't make sense to leave Matt without a car for the weekend."
Mom: "Then take a flight."
The dope: "Let me call you back."

...20 minutes later

The dope: "Mom I don't think I'm coming, I can't get to the airport in time."
Mom: "Let's rent a car."
The dope: "Let me call you back."
This little dance kept doing its little jig all night long until we had exhausted our noodles with every possible scenario of how I could come home for the weekend. Finally, I proclaimed that I would just decide the next day if I would leave or not. The next day....and a lot of twenty minutes later I was in the car, windows rolled down with my hand effortlessly floating up and down through the air and my music blasting so loud that I couldn't even manage a thought. 

I could explain my whim of a trip with the fact that these days my man Sir Matt is busy. So busy. He's working hard and carrying a full school load so I knew that I would do him a favor by being gone and not distracting him from his work.

I could explain it by telling you that last week I got a big dry painful ball in my throat, the kind that just sits there in the middle of your throat refusing to be swallowed until you let it out with some soppy wet cries and tears welled up behind my eyes and I had to leave the room just to keep from crying...all this at the thought of my home.

But lets just say that I needed an adventure. Yes, that sounds much better.

As I sat there in the car, weaving in and out of the canyon the sunset in between the passing trees began to flicker and do a little dance all over the car. It seemed to match the music perfectly. I smiled and felt the warmth of the sun on my face, completely turned the music off and just felt the air between my fingers and sat there with nothing but the sound of the engine, and I felt so alive. 

Do you ever feel that?

Like every cell in you body is vibrating, like your eyes can take in every fleck of light and your body can feel every little movement. Yes, I felt alive. And I knew that going home was just what I needed.


  1. that looks gorgeous! you're very talented! i'm jealous!

    allister bee blog

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the chair! Great job!

  3. Amazing. And I definitely know that feeling! My current cure for anxiety is music that is playing so loud I can't hear my thoughts.

  4. I just got married a month ago left everything and moved to Philadelphia from Oklahoma because my new hubby is in grad school here. The thought of anything Oklahoma makes me cry! There's just nothing like home!

  5. I want to reupholster so bad, but it scares me for some reason! This didn't seem too too difficult. Have you ever reupholstered anything else?