Jul 12, 2011

The Sisterhood Strikes Again...

Remember this post where I suffered a bald spot all on account of the sisterhood.

Well I have finally come to the realization that the sisterhood has completely taken over my ability to make good choices.

 I regret to inform you that the sisterhood has struck again.
This time in the form of sisterhood watches!
AND sisterhood owl jewelry (oh but really who can resist a googly eyed owl, who I tell you???)
We tried to reason ourselves away from the jewelry, "the sisterhood will have no power over me!" I declared.
But alas the sisterhood was to much for me....and I gave in.
Don't blame us poor innocent sisters.The sisterhood made us do it!
(Believe it or not the blonde haired blue eyed fox next to us is none other than my mom, she has been accused of stealing little dark haired babies one too many times if you ask me)

I ask you this. Do your sisters make you do crazy things too. Well do they??

( I guest posted over at Ramseys and Modly Chic this week. If you have a minute go check it out!)


  1. my sisters make me go crazy. period! ha ha ha

  2. haha love this post! shop shop shop! you deserve it!

  3. Oh yes they do! I have two sisters and they recently have made me consider getting a tattoo with them! Me! Miss conservative! To even be thinking about a tattoo is crazy! Sisterhood strikes again!!

  4. You girls are so FUN! I can't believe how YOUNG your mom looks and it's so funny that she has such light features.

  5. this is awesome ... this is so 'GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN' :)

  6. gotta love that sisterhood! my sisters have pushed me into a lot of things, being the youngest&all...but it's all worth it! for the sisterhood, I say! :D

  7. HA! I just read your bald post. How clever to attach 'sisterhood' to anything to make it more unifying. I'm gonna do that with my sisters now (but they're almost-9 and 11, so the craziest thing they make me do is play Star Wars).

  8. You gals are hilarious!

    It is not even funny how many times I have exclaimed "the sisterhood made me do it!"...LOL

    Can totally relate.

    ~ Ad

  9. I love the sisterhood owl jewelery- all of it is so cute!

    star-crossed smile

  10. You and your sisters are so adorable!! Charming Charlie is such an addictive store!