Jul 13, 2011

Starry Night

It's nights like this that I don't want to forget.
So I'll write to remember.

He coaxed her out into the backyard with an ice cream cone.
He knew only chocolate could tempt her.
They laughed and flirted while eating their ice cream.
They looked up at the stars and wondered how the night sky could be so bright and dark all at the same time.
He told her she was beautiful.
She blushed and hid her face in the blankets.
They talked the night away about memories, memories of writing letters, memories of hoping he'd find her, memories of how it was meant to be.

And it was a good night.

Won't you tell me about a day that you always want to remember?


  1. awe - so cute. sounds like a lovely evening!!

    allister bee blog

  2. Love it.
    One night, while camping with family, a young couple were the last ones out by the bonfire. They too were looking at the stars & comtimplating love & Jesus & His purpose.
    Looking back, we both peg that night as the time we knew that we were falling in love.
    It's definitely a night I don't want to ever forget!
    Thanks for sharing yours!
    Love, Leigh

  3. What a lovely evening!

    My most memorable evening was no wear near as sweet or innocent, in fact it took place in a really seedy years ago! I was there with this really charming, good-looking guy and the chemistry was off-the-charts. We ended up kissing for the first time and it was like something out of the movies...fireworks and all that jazz.

    It has been ten years and I am still kissing that same charming, good-looking guy! We are married with a little girl :)

    ~ Ad


  4. My most memorable night would be the night I finished the history research paper a month before it was due. NO JUDGMENT.

    LOVE your blog! :)

  5. That sounds lovely. Reminds me that I need more quiet nights with my husband outside, while it's nice out :) <3

  6. Monika- If finishing a paper isn't memorable I don't know what is. I mean it's pretty much a miracle when that stuff happens for me.
    Leigh- That sounds like such a sweet night. It totally reminds me of me and Matt's first camping trip together. We didn't have so much of the deep talking but more of the...you know kissing.
    The Fashionistas- Don't you just love that. When you feel like your living in a little movie and the story is all yours. Gahhh my "night of fireworks" now is me and Matt watching a movie and me trying to persuade him to scratch my back. Sweet fireworks when I actually convince him to do it!